Is It Still Possible to Change the World?

It was said of the church of the first century, “These who have turned the world upside down have come here too” (Acts 17:6 NKJV). That was not meant as a compliment, by the way. It was meant as a criticism. The first-century believers made an impact. They were ordinary people who did extraordinary things. They faced incredibly adverse circumstances, but they rose above those circumstances and changed their world. Could we change our world? Is that even still possible? . . . read more ›

With Hurricanes and Threats, Is God Trying to Get Our Attention?

What is going on in our world right now? We had Hurricane Harvey and now Hurricane Irma. Some have called the latest, “Irmageddon.” Add to this, we have new threats almost every day from the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un to destroy us with Nuclear weapons. Why is God allowing all of this to happen? Is He trying to get our attention? We could also ask, “Why is there suffering in the world?” and “What happens after we . . . read more ›

Questions as Old as Time

Not all that long ago, if you needed an answer to something, you had to talk to a human being. Or, you had to look it up in something called a book. There once were people who sold encyclopedias, and people would invest in a big set of books to have in their libraries. Well, those days are pretty much gone. All we have to do today is go to a search engine and ask a question, or we can . . . read more ›

We were in the news today.

You may have heard on the news about a break-in at our Church in Irvine, Harvest Orange County. There is not much I can tell you at this point except the following- Two men who were thought to be armed broke into the Orange County Harvest church building last night. Police were notified and on the scene within minutes. After a brief search and standoff, the suspects were found in the building and apprehended. No one was injured in the . . . read more ›

America needs WorldChangers!

Have you ever been misled by a GPS? A lot of people have, including me. I remember one instance when my GPS told me to take a certain freeway. Then it said to turn right at the next off ramp. I obeyed. I turned right. Then it told me to turn left. Then it said to turn right. And then it directed me back to the freeway. I thought, “What was that?” There was no reason to do that. I . . . read more ›