More Videos from Israel

Here are a few more videos we shot in Israel. Shalom! Here’s a video with Stella Laurie on the way to the Shepherds’ Fields. Behind the scenes of our video shoot at the Shepherd’s Fields. Harvest Worship in the Garden of Gethsemane The House of Caiaphas

Some Day, My Prince Will Come . . .

One of the amazing things about little girls is their desire to be a princess. Having raised two boys, I had not spent a lot of time around little girls. That is, until Stella, my first granddaughter, came along. It was like she was genetically predisposed to like the color pink and all things princess-related. So I have entered those once-mysterious pink aisles in the toy stores that stock all things of that genre. And I have a confession to make . . . . read more ›

Come Join Me On A Trip To Israel!

We will be in the Holy Land next week, and I invite you to join us on our trip. I have a film crew with me, and we will be capturing the sights and sounds of Israel in HD, along with taping some special Bible studies. You will see the Sea of Galilee, Caesarea, the Mount of Olives, the city of Jerusalem, and much more. I will also be blogging and updating my Facebook and Twitter pages, so stay tuned. It’ll . . . read more ›

It’s Christopher’s Second Birthday in Heaven

Christopher, my firstborn son, would have been 35 years old today. That is, if he were here with us on Earth. On his last birthday, he was at work at our church, getting designs ready for that year’s Harvest Crusades events, just as he probably would have been today. There was always an event looming, and he loved to be a part of it all. He was a brilliant designer, if I must say so myself. I was an advanced . . . read more ›