Stella Sing, Sing, Sings!

As you might recall, I interviewed Stella a few weeks ago when Randy Alcorn spoke at Harvest. She was a bit shy, but she did her “ABC’s” for us. So, a few days later at our Orange County Bible study, I called her up again before I interviewed Randy. First, watch her at Harvest on Sunday by clicking here. Now, watch her four days later. She really came out of her shell! This time, we sang Chris Tomlin’s song, “Sing, Sing, . . . read more ›

Cell Phones and Bibles

Have you noticed how much cell phones are a part of our lives now? It seems like everyone has them, even the children. My granddaughter Stella has a Dora the Explorer toy phone where Dora asks you a question. Then when you are answering, she seems to become disinterested and changes the subject quickly. Then she says she is your best friend and hangs up! I was a bit offended until I reminded myself that it is, after all, a computer . . . read more ›

The Cove, Billy Graham, and the last days

Here’s a photo I took of Stella in North Carolina. On Tuesday, my wife Cathe and I had the privilege of sharing lunch with Billy Graham. What a wonderful time that was, and I will blog about that on Friday. We were in Asheville, North Carolina, speaking at the Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove on the theme of the Lord’s return. It was a thrill to meet so many people who follow our ministry, and I even met . . . read more ›

Israel,Magog, and the Rapture

Today at Harvest, I will give the second of a five-part series on the last days. We will talk more about the amazing modern-day miracle of the return of the Jewish people to their homeland of Israel. The Bible warns that after she is re-gathered again, a large force from the north will descend on her, determined to destroy this nation. The Bible calls this force Magog (Ezekiel 38-39), and it will march with allies that come right from the . . . read more ›

Secrets of Spiritual Growth

My granddaughter Stella loves secrets. Sometimes I will say, “Hey Stella,want to hear a secret?” Her little face will light up and she will lean in as I whisper something in her ear. It does not have to be a profound secret. Just something special. One question that I hear from time to time is, “Are all the people who come forward at Harvest Crusades events really converted?” The answer is, no. Only God knows who is and who is not converted . . . read more ›