On the Death of Prince

Here are some thoughts on the death of Prince I recorded Sunday. Below is the article I wrote for WorldNetDaily.com Prince has died. He was found unconscious in the elevator of his Paisley Park Estate. This after reports of an emergency landing after a performance, due to “flu-symptoms,” according to his publicist. Reports are coming in that this may be a drug related death. I don’t know. All I know is a musical virtuoso who mastered almost every instrument at . . . read more ›

Harvest: Greg Laurie Launches New Apple Watch App

Check out this press release for our new Apple Watch app: Riverside, CA (June 23, 2015) — Harvest Ministries is excited to launch a new app developed specifically for the Apple Watch to help connect people to the growing ministry led by Greg Laurie. “Harvest takes very seriously the role of using the influence and resources that God has given us to help make God known to as many people as possible,” says Paul Eaton, Administrative Pastor for Harvest Ministries. . . . read more ›

Live, Love, Fight

Have you ever gone to your ATM and read the message, “Insufficient funds”? I have good news for you—If you are a Christian, God has placed more than you will ever need in heavenly resources; as the Bible says, we have “Everything needed for life and godliness” (2 Peter 1:3). At Harvest Orange County we’ve begun a brand new series in the book of Ephesians. I am calling this series Live, Love, Fight. Click to watch the live HD webcast . . . read more ›

Where’s My Hoverboard?

It’s hard to believe, but another year has already passed. I am still wondering where my personal spaceship and robot maid are, as seen in The Jetsons cartoons. Or at least a hoverboard, like Marty McFly had in Back to the Future II. I would settle for Baymax from Big Hero 6. Time seems to go so much faster as you get older. But C.S. Lewis said, “The future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of 60 minutes . . . read more ›

Police Officers

I think someone should establish a national Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. Maybe they already have. I know I for one appreciate those officers who serve our communities, our nation, and us. I am a chaplain for two police departments and I personally know a lot of cops. There are also many who attend the church I pastor. I have done too many memorial services for officers killed in the line of duty, and I can tell you that other officers, . . . read more ›