Don’t worry, pray!

Why should we pray? There are many things I could say in response, but here is another reason why. Prayer is the way by which God helps us to overcome our anxiety and worry. We all know that life is full of troubles. We all struggle with concerns about our health, safety, family, finances, etc. In light of that, what should we do? Answer: Pray! It’s been said, “If your knees are shaking, kneel on them!” God’s cure for worry So, . . . read more ›

In case of emergency, dial 911

Today is the anniversary of one of the darkest days in American and indeed human history, 9/11. We all remember where we were when the news broke, and how we as a nation watched the unthinkable, the complete collapse of both towers of the World Trade Center, all of it in real time. Of course, the greater tragedy was all the lives that were lost. Why did it happen? Because of evil in the hearts of the terrorists who wanted to take the . . . read more ›

When bad things lead to good

Chuck Swindoll tells a story about a man who was shipwrecked on an uninhabited island. Seeing that rescue might be a long time in coming, he painstakingly built a little hut to provide himself protection from the elements, and a place to store the few items he had managed to salvage from the wreck. For weeks, this man lived in this little hut, with only the hot sun and the cold nights to keep him company. But each and every . . . read more ›

A great comment from the blog

Hey everyone! I just received this comment on the blog, and I wanted to share it with you right away! The doors were closed on a few friends of mine yesterday, but I am amazed at the power of the Holy Spirit. One of my friends is a new believer who took his best friend who is a non-believer, or I should say was. The gates were closed right in front of them. The people in front of them were . . . read more ›


The Southern California Harvest is only one day away! The excitement is building for our celebration of 20 years of proclamation evangelism in Southern California. Did you know that we have nearly 6,000 trained counselors, ushers, and other volunteers who are participating this year? That is an all-time high. Sorry to be repetitive, but the most important thing I could tell you about this event (next to asking for your prayers) is to urge you to bring someone with you who does . . . read more ›