Update on Pastor Chuck Smith

You may have heard that Pastor Chuck Smith has lung cancer. Chuck is going in to the hospital for a biopsy today and a series of tests. He is planning on having surgery the following week. Let’s be praying that God will give him peace in the middle of this storm and wisdom to the doctors and all those involved. Amazingly, Chuck is planning to host his radio program, Pastor’s Perspective, on KWVE this Wednesday, then speak at Calvary Chapel . . . read more ›

I will be interviewing Chuck Smith this Thursday, January 5 at Harvest OC!

Rarely does a man affect an entire generation. But I know a man who has done that and more. His name is Chuck Smith. Chuck’s primary focus Chuck’s laser beam-like focus has always been on Bible exposition. His teaching and leadership produced a generation of men who went around the world starting churches (I am in those ranks myself). You could arguably make a case for contemporary Christian music and worship starting at the church he has pastored since the late sixties, . . . read more ›

I’m speaking tonight at Harvest/Orange County!

Tonight in Orange County, I want to talk about the foundation of your life. Every one of us builds our life on something, some set of beliefs, some value system. The question is: will it sustain you through life, and eternity? Some of the things I will say may seem controversial. For instance, did you know it is possible to pray, believe in miracles, live a good life, keep the ten commandments, and go to church, and not necessarily be . . . read more ›

We Had An Amazing Weekend At The Southern California Harvest

What can I say, but “Wow!” What a weekend at Angel Stadium! Last night was epic with Steven Curtis Chapman, MercyMe, and Dr. James Dobson. The stadium was packed out with 48,000 people packed, and thousands were even turned away. We called it “An Evening of Hope” and I interviewed Steven and Dr. Dobson on the “whys” of suffering in life. This was not only a night for evangelism, but for believers as well. There are so many hurting Christians who are facing tragedy, . . . read more ›

The Southern California Harvest Begins Tonight!

Tonight is the first night of the 21st Southern California Harvest and I am really looking forward to it! Sometimes, people ask me if I ever get tired of doing these events. The answer is no! I love to proclaim the gospel and see people come to the Lord. Tonight, I will be joined at Angel Stadium by the Katinas, Crystal Lewis, and the David Crowder Band. It all starts at 7:00 P.M. Who is Jesus? I will be speaking on the . . . read more ›