The Christmas Story, Revisited

We have heard so many versions of the Christmas story that sometimes we don’t know where Scripture ends and where tradition begins. Frankly, if you only know a little about the birth of Jesus, it might be best for you to forget it and just start from scratch. This story has been so sanitized and romanticized through the years that it has essentially been lost. There is a lot of tradition that has clouded the significance of this wonderful event. . . . read more ›

The virgin birth of Jesus

Popular talk show host Larry King was once asked, if he had the choice to interview one person in all of history, who would he choose? He replied that he would like to interview Jesus Christ, and that he would ask Him just one question: “Are you indeed virgin born?” “The answer to that question,” said King, “would explain history to me.” Larry understood that the teaching of the virgin birth is pivotal. If Jesus was not supernaturally conceived in . . . read more ›


I just saw the movie 2012 at the movie theater. First, a quick review. Though not destined to be a classic, 2012 was entertaining at times and had some pretty amazing CGI special effects. It was pretty easy to predict who would survive to the end, but it had its moments. Now, onto the premise. The movie was based on the Mayan calendar’s supposed prediction that the world would end by the year 2012, and the movie depicts this scenario . . . read more ›

Heaven on Earth

From the beginning of time, man has searched for peace. He has joined peace movements, marched for peace, given prizes for peace, and even gone to war for peace. When you hear of someone being arrested for “disturbing the peace,” you have to wonder where he found any to disturb! Some tell us to “visualize world peace” on bumper stickers, then cut us off on the freeways! The United Nations has displayed the words of Isaiah 2:4 over its doors: “They . . . read more ›

Billy Graham, Steven Curtis Chapman, and the Second Coming of Christ

We have an amazing in weekend in store for you at Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, so I hope you can all be a part of it in some way. You can either come and attend in person, or watch it all live at First off, this Sunday morning, we will have part four of a five-part series on the last days. The title of this Sunday morning’s message is “The Second Coming of Jesus Christ.” Did you know . . . read more ›