Please pray for the Laurie family

Please continue to pray for the Laurie family. Christopher Laurie, son of Pastor Greg Laurie and Cathe Laurie of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, Calif., passed away on July 24, 2008 in a car accident. A resident of Huntington Beach, Laurie, 33, served as the art director at Harvest Christian Fellowship for the past three years. In addition to his parents, Christopher is survived by his wife, Brittany, and daughter, Stella, as well as his brother Jonathan. Christopher and his . . . read more ›

From one to many

We all know how God mightily used Simon Peter as an apostle. But do you know how Peter originally came to believe in Jesus? His brother Andrew told him about the Lord. We never read in Scripture of Andrew preaching to multitudes of people. Andrew never wrote any books of the Bible. Nor did God work miracles through his hands. But God used him to reach his brother, Peter, who did all the above and more. We can’t all be . . . read more ›

This just in from Mount Rushmore

Just flew in from South Dakota! And boy, are my arms tired! (Dah-dah-bump!) Had a great time in the beautiful state of South Dakota on Sunday night and Monday. I spoke at a huge gathering of believers called Hills Alive with some 20,000 people present. I could not tell exactly how many, but they were everywhere! I had the opportunity to proclaim the gospel to them, and for that I am always thankful. The next morning I formally accepted an . . . read more ›

Hanging with Chuck Smith and Raul Ries

We had a great time on the Praise the Lord program Thursday night on TBN. If you go to iTunes, you can actually download the show for free. I was a guest, along with Raul Ries and Chuck Smith, and we were interviewed by Paul Crouch Jr., who I thought did a really good job. Chuck actually teared up when he was sharing about his Christian upbringing. The whole two-hour show was a wonderful tribute to Chuck’s life and ministry, . . . read more ›

Unsung Heroes

We live in a celebrity-obsessed culture. Never before have we known so much about people who, in many ways, matter so little. It makes one wonder, where have the heroes gone? We have a lot of celebrities today, but very few real heroes. One person put it this way: “The hero is known for achievements; the celebrity for well-knownness. The hero reveals the possibilities of human nature. The celebrity reveals the possibilities of the press and media. Celebrities are people . . . read more ›