Dad will fix it . . .

From time to time during his childhood, Christopher would get himself into trouble, as sons do. There was always a certain look on his face,and he would say, “Dad . . . ?” I would respond, “What’s wrong, Topher?” And I was always able to somehow fix it. That’s what dads do, we fix things. Sure, we are there to encourage and nurture, but moms do that so much better. Dads want to protect, provide, and “fix things.” But I . . . read more ›

A Dispatch from the Valley

Hello everyone! Many people have asked me, “How are you doing?” Frankly, that is a very hard question to answer. It really depends on which moment one asks, but let me give you a little update. It has been just over a month since Christopher so suddenly left us. It seems like yesterday. There is a hole in the world and an even bigger one in our hearts for Christopher! I can so imagine him sitting with us, talking and . . . read more ›