What are you doing, for heaven’s sake?

Heaven is the future destination of every follower of Jesus. But for now, we are on this earth, and it should be our desire to live our lives the way God intended. To do that, we need to ask the question, “Why are we here on this earth to begin with?” “Why are you occupying space and time right now?” “What is the reason for our existence?” Answer: We are here to know and glorify God and bring forth spiritual . . . read more ›

The Inconsolable Longing, Part Two

Jonathan and Christopher Laurie in 2005. That will be the title in my message this Sunday at Harvest. It will be the third in a trilogy of messages that I have in essence preached to myself after the sudden departure of my son Christopher to heaven. One thing I have thought about lately: if a life is cut short, is that it? What if a life is hampered by disability or illness? Or shorter than what we had hoped for, . . . read more ›

Will we know each other when we get to heaven?

This question is asked quite often, and it seems to me that the answer is yes, we will know one another in heaven. Why is it that we think we would know less in heaven than we do now on earth? You remember how on the Mount of Transfiguration, Jesus stood–shining like the sun–with Moses and Elijah on each side. Observing this were Jesus’ disciples, Peter, James, and John. Somehow, they knew it was Moses the great lawgiver and Elijah . . . read more ›


Montana sky (Photo by Christopher Laurie, 2008). So what helps me through it all this difficult process of mourning and grieving over my son? Thinking about heaven helps a lot. I think a lot about what my son is doing in heaven. For me, heaven is more personal and real now, and it is nearer than it has ever been before. We have heard it lamely said, “They are so heavenly-minded that they are no earthly good!” I would suggest . . . read more ›

How are you doing?

One thing often asked of someone when they have had someone close to them die is “How are you doing?” Please know that is the hardest question to answer. Can I just answer for all people who are grieving a recent loss right now? Not very well. Please don’t hold that against us. It’s just that we are missing that person badly. We are very, very sad. We have moments of peace, even joy, but more moments of sadness. We . . . read more ›