The weekend is here!

Preach the Word Conference I’ve been working on a lot of the final details for what I believe will be a standout conference that we are calling Preach the Word! The list of speakers is┬ástellar, and if you believe God has called you to communicate His Word–be it as a pastor, Sunday school teacher, or home Bible study leader–you really ought to make plans to attend. It really could be life-changing. For more info, click here. Lost Boy in Albuquerque . . . read more ›

A great testimony from New York

Hey everyone! I just wanted to share a testimony with you that we received right after the New York Harvest. It’s a little long, but it was a real blessing to see how God worked at Madison Square Garden, and I hope you will be blessed too. Dear Pastor Greg, This was my first time attending a Harvest Crusade. I have been an avid listener of your A New Beginning radio program on 570 WMCA here in New York. My . . . read more ›

I will be live on the radio today!

Hey everyone! I wanted to let you know about a special edition of A New Beginning that will be heard In Southern California today that we are doing live in studio at KWVE here in Southern California. We will talk about what the Lord did at our crusades this year, as well as focus on our upcoming Preach the Word conference. For those of you outside of Southern California, this special program will be aired sometime this week. I will . . . read more ›

Another week begins!

I wish I could say everything has gotten easier for me at this point, but it really hasn’t. Our hearts still ache for our son, especially as we get closer to the birth of his daughter, our granddaughter, only days away. We so wish he could be here to witness it, but that is not to be. He is in the presence of God, and who knows what he knows at this point! Perhaps, from the heavenly and eternal perspective, . . . read more ›

The weekend is here!

We are enjoying some beautiful and very warm weather here in Southern California, and it is good to be home. As I mentioned earlier this week, I am speaking this Sunday at Harvest and I am returning to my series from the book of Acts that we are calling Upside-Down Living. It has been three months since I taught from this series, as my son’s unexpected death pretty much brought everything to a halt. We had some wonderful guest speakers . . . read more ›