Sins against the Holy Spirit

Hey everyone! Tonight, I am speaking in Orange County, California, with the next message in my series Essentials: What Every Christian Needs to Know. The title of my message is “The Holy Spirit and You.” If you are in the O.C. tonight, please come and join us for fantastic worship from the Harvest Praise Band and a message from God’s Word. Understanding the Holy Spirit I think it is really important for us to better understand the person of the Holy Spirit. . . . read more ›

Lost Boy documentary wins film festival award

Hey everyone! Great news on the Lost Boy film! We entered it in the 2009 Riverside International Film festival and it won! Lost Boy: The Next Chapter won the award for the Audience Favorite Documentary. It is worth noting that hundreds of films were submitted to this festival from all around the world and few make the final,  judging round in each category. There is only one winner per category and Lost Boy: The Next Chapter won. We wanted this . . . read more ›

“It’s very hard to explain the Trinity!”

Hey everyone! I am back in my series Essentials: What Every Christian Needs to Know this Sunday at Harvest. My topic will be “The Holy Spirit and You.” I hope you can attend or check out the webcast. Here is an excerpt from my message in which I will talk about the Trinity. The Triune nature of God The Bible teaches there is one God. Yet, the Bible also teaches that the “One God” is a Trinity, not three but still . . . read more ›

John MacArthur on “Profanity in the Pulpit,” and my two cents

John MacArthur, one of the greatest preachers alive, is always willing to speak his mind about what the Scripture teaches. I have many of his volumes in my library and am honored to count him as a friend. In addition, John was one of the featured speakers at our recent Preach the Word Conference. He recently posted an article on the topic of the frank discussion of sex in the pulpit and more that caused quite a stir. This article . . . read more ›

Why I do what I do

People sometimes ask me why I do what I do. Simple answer. I believe what the Bible says. I don’t say that to boast, because God has given me that faith, just as He has given you. But I do believe with all of my heart the following things: Life comes and goes very quickly. Life is “a vapor of smoke,” as the Bible says. There really is an eternity, and both heaven and hell. Only those who have put their faith . . . read more ›