Let’s talk some more about heaven!

This Sunday at Harvest,we will talk some more about heaven! I love this topic and really want to learn as much as I possibly can. This Sunday,we will deal with issues like: Do people in heaven know what is going on here on earth? Are they watching us? What are the rewards the Christian will receive in heaven? The New York Harvest is coming Our next Harvest Crusades event is just around the corner. The dates are June 13-14 at the . . . read more ›

Tonight in OC!

Hey everyone, Tonight at our Orange County study, we will be in our Essentials series looking once again at the topic of heaven! It seems to me that as Christians we should be more heavenly-minded. Paul tells us in Colossians 3 to “Seek the things that are above,” or as another translation puts it, “Think Heaven!” So tonight, we will learn more about how to do that and what we specifically will do when we get to heaven. Please join us . . . read more ›

The bubble that bursts!

Tonight, I will be giving a message from the fascinating book of Ecclesiastes. One word that appears a number of times in this autobiographical book, written by King Solomon, is  the word “vanity.” The word “Vanity” that is used here is not speaking of personal vanity, as in spending too much time in front of their mirror every day. There are, of course, people like that who “never met a mirror they did not like.” The word used here, in . . . read more ›

God’s trade-in deal

We have been talking about heaven in our Essentials series. Did you know that the Lord has an amazing trade-in deal in store for you? That’s right, you are going to trade in your existing body, with its aches and pains, for the newest model. Of course, that is not a perfect analogy, because there will be a link between your old body and your new one. Here are some thoughts about the new body God has for you when you . . . read more ›