The paradox of the cross

Jesus said that if we are to truly be His disciple we are to “take up our cross daily and follow Him” (Luke 9:23). But what does that mean? To understand that, we need to understand the meaning of the cross in that time and culture. The cross has lost most of its original meaning today. It is shrouded in religiousness and mystery. It has become many things, from a religious icon to fashion element. When we see the cross today, it . . . read more ›

Get a life?

We have all heard the expression, “You need to get a life!” Well, Jesus would put it another way. He would, in effect say, “You need to lose your life if you want to find it!” I am talking about the topic of discipleship in my blog this week. So far, we’ve already seen that the disciple must love God more than anyone or anything else. Here is the second requirement of being disciple. 2. The disciple must deny himself, take up . . . read more ›

What is a disciple?

I thought I would recap a few things from my message on discipleship this last Sunday, in case you missed it. In the Great Commission, Jesus told us all to go into all the world and make disciples of all nations. But what does that mean to make disciples? And more to the point, what exactly is a disciple? As I have stated before, every disciple is a Christian, but not every Christian is necessarily a disciple. So, before I can make disciples, I have . . . read more ›

Who wore it best?

Perhaps you have seen those side-by-side photos in magazines like People or US Magazine that ask, “Who wore it best?” You see pictures of two celebrities wearing the same outfit, and the readers are encouraged to vote on “who wore it best?” It’s usually a no-brainer, since one is usually quite a bit more attractive then the other. Allow me to take that same question and apply to a different area of our lives–our acceptance of sin. The telephone pole . . . read more ›

Are you a disciple of Jesus Christ?

That question is the topic of my message tonight in Orange County. It is my belief that every disciple is a believer, but not every believer is necessarily a disciple. So what exactly is a disciple of Jesus? We will look at that together this Thursday and also Sunday at Harvest. Time to grow up The reason we need to know about discipleship is because Jesus told us to “go into all the world and make disciples . . . ” (Matthew . . . read more ›