How to Have a Growing Church, Part 1 (Communers or Consumers?)

I had a friend — I’ll call him Bill — who would work out at the gym every day. Whenever we got together, he liked to flex his biceps and say, “Greg, feel this!” Sure enough, Bill’s muscles were rock hard. Then one day, I heard the terrible news: Bill had died of a heart attack. Even though he appeared healthy and strong on the outside, his heart was diseased. Inwardly, as it turned out, Bill was a weakling. I . . . read more ›

I am Speaking Tonight in O.C. on “Hot Button Issues”

You may have seen the article in the Christian Post on my message from last Sunday at Harvest. This touches on some of the things I addressed, but there is a lot more as well. I look forward to seeing you tonight. In case you missed it, here is the article: Calif. Pastor Weighs in on Abortion, Homosexuality, Woods’ Buddhism Southern California pastor Greg Laurie took on some “hot button” issues from the pulpit on Sunday, covering everything from capital . . . read more ›

Music City and the Windy City, Here I Come!

As you read this, I am on my way to “Music City, USA,” Nashville, Tennessee. I’ve been invited by Steve Berger, a friend of mine who is the pastor of Grace Chapel, a dynamic church that has really grown dramatically. Many find Christ there each year and are faithfully taught the Word of God. Quite a few people from the music industry attend Steve’s church as well. As it turns out, Steve and I have come to know each other . . . read more ›

Hot Button Issues This Sunday!

This Sunday, we will continue in our new series Worldview: How to Think and Live Biblically, with a message on “Hot Button Issues.” Some of the things I will say might cause some people to have a knee-jerk reaction. That is because not all believers are seeing the issues of our day through a biblical lens. In this time of unbiblical thinking, too many people like to use phrases like: “I like to think of God as a loving father . . . read more ›