I’ll be speaking this Sunday at Harvest.

I will be speaking this Sunday at Harvest on the topic of  Retaliation and Self-defense. What did Jesus mean when He told us to “turn the other cheek?” We find out in our “Worldview series”

2010 Southern California Harvest Promo Video

At this year’s Southern California Harvest, the Gospel of Jesus Christ will be proclaimed, so that many will hear and believe. If you or someone you know has questions about God, Jesus, or Heaven, this event is for you.  

I will be speaking this Thursday in Orange County.

Just back from our trip, I will be speaking this Thursday in Orange County. We had a fantastic time touring the land of our past, present and future- Israel. It was a great trip and we shot a lot of photos and video, some of which we have already posted. This Thursday in OC, I will be joined by a very good up and coming band known as Revive. So, I will see you this Thursday!

Check out the video we just did from the Garden Tomb!

This last Sunday, we were going to show a video we did on the Sea of Galilee. But after we shot and edited that and had it ready to roll, we were given last minute permission to film in the Garden Tomb in Israel. This was a unique opportunity and we took a film crew in and shot the story of the resurrection of Jesus from the Gospel of John in HD video. I have to tell you, it was . . . read more ›

I’ll give a Message from the Sea of Galilee this Sunday at Harvest.

Hey everyone! Check out the special message we just shot from the Sea of Galilee this Sunday at Harvest. We secured a boat and did a custom message entitled “The Perfect storm”. It is filmed in very high quality HD for your viewing pleasure. In this message, I point out that we all have “Storms” we will face in life as followers of Jesus. There are Protecting storms,perfecting storms and correcting storms. Do you know the difference? Check out this . . . read more ›