Wanted: People to Shake the World!

We have our marching orders from the Lord Himself: To go into all the world and preach the gospel. God wants to use you to shake the world. Think about it- God shook the ancient world with just 12 men. They did not have all the modern technology we have today. Peter did not text James. Thomas did not tweet. And Paul was not on Facebook! Yet, in a relatively short period of time, they reached the culture of that . . . read more ›

Cheap Thrills

It has been said that the best cure for hedonism is an attempt to practice it. If you chase after pleasure, you will eventually come to the same conclusion as King Solomon: “I said to myself, ‘Come now, be merry; enjoy yourself to the full.’ But I found that this, too, was futile. For it is silly to be laughing all the time; what good does it do?” (Ecclesiastes 2:1-2 TLB). The Bible tells us that if the driving desire . . . read more ›

Twelve Men Who Shook the World!

If you were God, and you wanted to touch the world, how would you go about it? You could raise up an army of mighty angels,who would gladly do your bidding. Or you could just roll back the heavens and speak audibly to planet Earth and say something like, “Hello Earth. I’m God and you’re not, and I want you to believe in Me, now!” No, that is not how the Lord decided to impact our planet. Instead he used 12 . . . read more ›

Time Well Spent

Let’s say that your phone rings tomorrow morning, and it’s a call from the manager of your bank. He tells you, “I received a very unusual call the other day. Someone who loves you very much and is quite wealthy has given you a large sum of money. This anonymous donor will be depositing 86,400 cents into your account every single day.” “How’s that again?” you ask. “Every single day, this person will deposit 86,400 cents into your account.” Is . . . read more ›

Lost Boy: The Next Chapter wins another film festival award!

Lost Boy: The Next Chapter just won the Best Documentary film award at the 2010 Transforming Stories International Christian Film Festival! From their press release: “108 films were submitted from 18 countries around the world and from the 108 submissions, 12 semi-finalists were selected in each category, of which 5 finalists were chosen. From this, Transforming Stories International Christian Film Festival is proud to announce the 2010 Winning Documentary Film: Lost Boy: The Next Chapter. Seven awards so far This brings . . . read more ›