More Important Than Food

If you want to learn about God and His ways, then learn to study this wonderful book God has given to us, the Bible. It is the user’s manual to life. It tells us what is right and wrong and what is good and evil. It tells us how to live, how to do business, how to have a successful marriage, and much, much more. But most importantly, the Bible tells us how to know and walk with God. In . . . read more ›

We Remember!

Today is Memorial day. For many, this is a day off to spend with family and friends. For others, it’s the official start of the summer holidays. But for some today, it’s a time for deep sadness. For they remember the ultimate sacrifice their loved one made defending our freedoms. These courageous soldiers gave their lives for what I believe is the greatest country on the face of the earth: The United States of America! Stars and Stripes I think it’s sad . . . read more ›

This Weekend at Harvest Riverside and Orange County!

Excuses, Excuses.  . . We have all heard them and we have at one time or another offered one up. Simply put, an excuse is what we use when we don’t want to do something. It is completely different than a reason. Fact is, an excuse is nothing more then a lie that’s dressed up a bit. We offer excuses as to why we can’t read our Bibles, go to church, and of course why we won’t come to Christ. In . . . read more ›

Just Like Us!

We tend to put on pedestals the first-century believers and, in particular, the apostles. We imagine them speaking in King James English, perfectly living out God’s commandments and boasting stained glass lives. Yet the biblical accounts of their lives give us no such illusions. If we had lived back then and met these men and women, the last thing we would have thought was, I think these people will change their world. They were common, salt-of-the-earth-type individuals. They had calloused hands . . . read more ›

Louis Zamperini is coming to Harvest Orange County tonight!

I will have the privilege  of interviewing him. The service starts at 7:00 pm, PST. It will be webcast live at Here is the rest of his amazing story that I wrote about in my last post: Altogether, Louis spent 47 days in the South Pacific before he was found and sent to a POW camp. There he experienced torture that is unthinkable, and one guard, who was nicknamed “The Bird” was especially cruel to Louis. He knew Zamperini was . . . read more ›