This Weekend at Harvest Riverside and Orange County.

A lot is said about when Jesus is coming back. Though there are many “signs of the times” we can be looking for that would alert us to the fact that His coming is near, we should not focus on the “when.” Instead, we need to be thinking about the “what.” As in, what am I to be doing as I await the return of Christ? As we bring our series, Ready or Not,  to a close, we will see . . . read more ›

Tonight at Harvest Orange County: Reaching the Whole World (Not Just Ours)

What about the person who has never heard the gospel? Someone off in the middle of the desert or jungle? Will God judge them without hearing it? Now, at first glance, this seems like a fairly noble question to ask. For it appears that the person asking it is greatly concerned about the eternal plight of someone who has never heard the gospel. This question is usually asked by the person you are sharing the gospel with. I suggest to . . . read more ›

Missing Christopher

I wish you could have known my son, Christopher David Laurie. Three years ago he left us unexpectedly. Our hearts are still heavy with sorrow that is somehow mixed with the joy of knowing we will see him again. Below is something my wife wrote about our son. I have spoken on this many times, but my wife has not. What she has written is honest and honoring to God and my son’s memory. I encourage you to read it. . . . read more ›

This Weekend at Harvest Riverside/Orange County!

The Nation Israel She sits in the eye of the hurricane of end times events. Israel is Ground Zero, or as my friend Joel Rosenberg puts it, “The Epicenter.” According to Scripture, the regathering of the Jewish people to their homeland is not just a ‘sign of the times’ but is the super-sign. The Bible predicted her scattering, regathering, and the attacks that will come against her. Come join us this Sunday as we look together at Israel and her . . . read more ›