Encouragement via E-mail

Are you signed up for my daily devotional? Over 100,000 people receive them every day by e-mail in addition to those who read them online. You can sign up and start receiving them right away. Go to http://www.harvest.org/devotional/get-connected/email-subscriptions.html Here’s is today’s devo: An Eternal Perspective So we don’t look at the troubles we can see now; rather, we fix our gaze on things that cannot be seen. For the things we see now will soon be gone, but the things we . . . read more ›

This Weekend at Harvest Riverside and Orange County

The “Great Commission.” Easier said than done. Where are we to Go? What are we to say? How important is it? I will speak on this Sunday at Harvest Riverside and Orange County in my my message “GO!” from the Follow Me! series in the Gospel of Matthew. Come join us in person or watch it LIVE at www.harvest.org

When Trouble Comes

When we are afflicted, suffering, or in trouble, God tells us what we should do: Come before His presence and pray. Why? For one thing, it may just be that God will remove that problem because of our prayers. That is not to say that God will always take away our afflictions, suffering, or troubles; but sometimes He does. By simply bringing our circumstances before the Lord and acknowledging our need and dependence upon Him, we can see God intervene . . . read more ›

This Sunday at Harvest Riverside and Orange County: Randy Alcorn!

I am really looking forward to having my friend Randy Alcorn at Harvest Riverside and Orange County this weekend. Randy is a prolific author of such classics as Heaven and many more. I think his book Heaven is the finest I have read on the subject and I have read many. Add to that one of his newer books, If God Is Good. Randy is also the author of many outstanding fiction books, including Safely home, which I recently read. Randy Alcorn has . . . read more ›

Tonight at Harvest Orange County: “The Almost Christian”

Let me state something that may surprise you. Did you know it is possible to pray and not necessarily be a Christian? Did you know it is possible to try and keep the ten commandments to the best of your ability and not necessarily be a Christian? It’s even possible to be baptized and not necessarily be a Christian! I think one of the problems we have today is there are a lot of educated nonbelievers, or what I would . . . read more ›