What Happens to Children When They Die?

Someone asked this question on my Facebook page. “My family lost our 14 month old daughter on June 2 this year and so my question is, what happens to babies when they die? I believe they go to heaven, but as I was reading that people in heaven know about what is happening here on earth, do babies know what is going on? Do they have someone guiding them? Seeing that she was so young, how will she know? “ . . . read more ›

Check Out This Article from the Christian Post about a Message I Just Gave on the Afterlife.

Greg Laurie: People in Heaven Know What’s Happening on Earth By Alex Murashko, Christian Post Reporter July 30, 2012|6:55 am After the death of his son four years ago, evangelist Greg Laurie became a lot more interested in heaven, he said during his sermon at Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, Calif., Sunday. “Earlier this week was the four-year mark of the death of my son and that event changed my life,” Laurie said. “I’ve never studied more about heaven like . . . read more ›

This Weekend at Harvest Riverside and Orange County

Some of the most often asked questions by believers are- What do people in heaven know about what is happening here on earth? What will we do in heaven? What about all these books written by people who claim to have gone to heaven and return? Can they be trusted? When do we get glorified bodies as Christians? Who are the 144,000 people mentioned in the Book of Revelation? These are all significant questions that will be answer tomorrow at Harvest . . . read more ›

Do you want to Change your Life?

Check out this weekend’s TV program! I talk about how you can change your life. Our broadcast is seen internationally or you can watch it on demand at www.greglaurie.tv

Tonight at Harvest Orange County!

Choices. We all make hundreds of them each and every day. Some are rather insignificant and mundane. Other choices could alter the course of our lives. We make our choices; and then our choices make us. So let me ask you a question: Are you making wise spiritual choices? The reason I ask this is because TONIGHT at Harvest Orange County I want to look at the lives of two men that are presented side by side in Scripture. One, Abraham, . . . read more ›