This Weekend at Harvest Riverside and Orange County

What on earth is happening in the Middle East right now? It seems all you hear about is another outburst of violence, or a threat of one. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stood before the UN and threatened to destroy Israel and the United States. He also spoke of an Islamic “Messiah” and “New World Order” that is coming. Are these some of the signs of the times the Hebrew prophets spoke of as happening in the last days? I believe they . . . read more ›

Warning about Fake Facebook Accounts!

Over the past few months someone has been creating fraudulent Facebook profiles claiming to be me. They send out friend requests to people who have “liked” my page and then message them personally, asking them to donate money to a phony charity. If you see this kind of activity, please report it to Facebook. On the fraudulent profile, click Report/Block, as shown below. Thanks for your help! For more information on reporting abuse to Facebook, click here.

I have a brand new book out simply called “Hope.”

Through all the ups and downs, I have found a hope that has sustained me through the dark times and given me peace and confidence at all times. I believe this hope can be yours, no matter what your present situation. But what happens to your hope when life takes a sudden, unwanted turn? You walk around a corner and find yourself face to face with a personal crisis…the passing of a loved one…the ache of loneliness…the worry over a . . . read more ›

Need Some Hope Today?

If so, you ought to listen to the new series I am teaching on our radio broadcast, A New Beginning, today. The series is called “Hope for Hurting Hearts.” It offers hope for those who have: Lost a loved one. Are facing crisis Have a troubled marriage Have prodigal children and much, much more. To hear today’s program, go to

This Weekend at Harvest!

We are still rejoicing in all that God did at this year’s Harvest Crusades! To sum it up ,I would say (to put it in ’60s vernacular) that it has been mind-blowing! Our outstanding video team, under the direction of Dwight Thomson Jr., has put together an outstanding video that tells the big story of what happened in a historic year for Harvest. This includes the Anaheim and LA Crusades as well as Harvest America. You will not want to miss seeing . . . read more ›