“Greg, don’t talk about those issues. They’re too political.” That’s one of the reactions I receive when I speak about the movement in our country to “normalize” homosexuality, and redefine the concepts of marriage and family. Are these political issues? Maybe. But more to the point, these are moral and Biblical issues. And what I have said before I say again: We tamper with God’s order at our own great peril. Just because there are political ramifications to moral issues . . . read more ›

This Weekend at Harvest: Hot Button Issues!

I have a question for you- Do you have a biblical worldview? By that I mean, are your opinions formed by what the Bible says or by your fickle emotions? Or perhaps they are formed by what is popular at the moment in contemporary culture. My concern is that some well-meaning but misled Christians today do not really have a completely biblical way of looking at things. This is of the greatest importance, as it will effect us in the . . . read more ›

Tonight at Harvest Orange County

I love the word “blessing.” It does get thrown around a lot these days. If you want people to bless you, just sneeze! But what does it mean to be blessed? Fact is, the word “blessing” is a biblical word. Blessings are for believers, not for nonbelievers. And I have good news for you. If you are a child of God, He wants to bless you even more than you want to be blessed! But what does that even mean? . . . read more ›

Light in a Very Dark Place

We are studying the Book of Revelation together on Sundays at Harvest. The word revelation means “unveiling,” reminding us that it is not God’s desire to conceal but to reveal to us what is happening and will happen in our world. This Sunday,we look at Revelation 11, where we see the Jewish temple rebuilt. Antichrist is in power wreaking havoc on the earth and things are looking pretty bleak. Then, the Lord raises up two mighty witnesses to proclaim His truth . . . read more ›

Where World History Ends

What on earth is happening in the Middle East? It seems that all we hear about in the news from this region is another outburst of violence – or a threat of one. In his address at the U.N. last month, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad threatened once again to eliminate Israel. Also in a recent speech, he spoke of some Islamic “messiah,” as well as a new world order. As we look at the attacks on our embassies around the . . . read more ›