Are We Victims of Fate or Does God Have a Plan?

It has been said that men talk of killing time while time quietly kills them. According to the Bible, we live our lives for a certain period of time – not a moment longer and not a moment shorter. All of the health-food solutions are not going to extend your life beyond what God has determined. You can eat free-range chicken and organic vegetables and tofu every day of your life if you want to. You can use all of the . . . read more ›

Are There Stores in Heaven?

Remembering Lenya Avery Lusko Last night in Kalispell, Montana at Fresh Life Church, I spoke at the memorial service for Lenya Avery Lusko. She is the daughter of my friends Levi and Jennie Lusko. Little Lenya, age 5, went to heaven on December 20. She had a severe asthma attack and tragically died in her father’s arms. Now she is in the everlasting arms of God. Even at her young age, Lenya was a bright light for Jesus Christ. She always was a . . . read more ›

The Four Stages of Christmas

Here’s a little drawing I did for your amusement. I feature myself as the character illustrating the “Four Stages of Christmas” ENJOY!