Why I Do What I Do

From time to time, people ask me, “Why do you do what you do?”
Below is a letter that explains it all.
It is a letter from a lady that could very easily be dead.
The same is true of her mother.
But God used our radio broadcast, “A New Beginning” to reach her mom . . . and her.
Please take the time to read it.
You will be blessed as I was, I am sure!

Thank you Pastor Greg Laurie
I just want to say that I thank God for your ministry!
Let me tell you how your ministry has changed my life.

I grew up in an alcoholic home. My parents were alcoholics, my father was abusive to my mother. I was the second child of four. I had an older sister, younger sister and a younger brother. We were brought up as Catholics, but I never knew anything about salvation or having a relationship with Jesus.

When I was 9 years old, my mother, father and younger sister were in an alcohol-related car accident in March of 1987. My father and younger sister passed away. My mother was in critical condition for several months; I disliked going to the hospital to visit her, having to see all the tubes and wires, bandages. I barely recognized her. My mother recovered after the doctors said she wouldn’t walk again. Unfortunately, after her recovery, she continued with her drinking and binged, not caring for her three children that remained alive.

I believe because of the hurt, pain and difficult life it had become, my older sister committed suicide at the age of 20 in the jail that she was being held at. This hurt me very much. I felt hurt and alone, like nobody cared. I would think, “why was I created? To endure all this pain and hurt? To be left alone?” I often had thoughts of suicide but it seemed, every question I had about God, somehow it got answered.

My brother was being cared for by my Uncle and his family. My mom continued her drinking, and I pretty much grew up on my own. Finished school but got pregnant at a young age.

In 1997, my mom was drunk driving and killed a woman. She was charged with vehicular homicide and was sent to prison. She served a couple of years I believe, BUT, it was during this time that she was incarcerated, that she began to listen to Christian Radio and YOU were one of the ones she would listen to. She listened and listened everyday, until one night, she cried out to God and surrendered her life to Jesus.

Praise God, she is now a born-again Christian! She has been serving the Lord faithfully and the Lord has done great things in her life. She fasted and prayed for my salvation for 5 years and in 2003, I gave my life to the Lord.

Now, I remember Mother saying how she would listen to you on the radio everyday. If she hadn’t heard the Message and had gotten saved, I don’t think I would be saved.

Thank you Pastor Laurie, for your faithfulness to God! The Lord has blessed our family. I lost two sisters, but the Lord has given me many sisters-in Christ! I am thankful for what Jesus has done for me on the Cross!

May you be blessed along with Harvest Ministry.


One thought on “Why I Do What I Do”

  1. Wendy says:

    This presidential election has been very troublesome, people are afraid and hurting, the lies, corruption, and evilness of our government, is running wild, At this time of uncertainty, people are looking for a savior, to lift them up, and make them feel worthy and loved. Thank You Pastor Greg, for your wisdom, love, and blessing. You have healed the masses, tamed the beast, and humbled humanity, you truly are a savior in CHRIST, you opened the door and invited me to come in. Thank you for showing me and multitudes of other’s, The Truth, The Light, and The Way! Thank you with all of my heart and soul, Thank you! ~ W ~

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