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By the world’s standards, acting legend Steve McQueen had it all. But it wasn’t until he placed his faith in Jesus that he found the ultimate source of satisfaction. In this new book, I tell the little-known story of McQueen’s encounter with Christ.

Download the first chapter of Steve McQueen: The Salvation of an American Icon here »

If you’d like the full book, it’s available now for a donation to Harvest Ministries this month. To get multiple copies, check it out at the Harvest Store or

11 thoughts on “Get the first chapter of my new book here!”

  1. says:

    Greg i really thank God for men like you,you teach us the word and help us know God on a deeper level which is amazing.I love the lord so much his my whole life.Thank u Greg for leaving God use you to help people like me and others know this wonderful God that we owe our whole lives too.Bless you and your lovely wife x

  2. Mike Bardon says:

    Great book Greg. I raced motorcycles against Steve and Bud a couple times back in the 60s. I was saved in San Luis Obispo and went to Cal Poly. I’ve been a Baptist missionary in Utah for 45 years and am a member of a desert MC Club here. Any possibility I can get ten copies of the book to give to my MC friends?

    1. Brian Jackson says:

      You can order copies of the book at or on Thank you!

  3. Esther says:

    Pastor Greg I lost my father from lung last year October 11 ironically on my husband’s birthday. my father grew up without a dad cause he had passed away at an early age there was a long sad story to it but anyhow he underwent many near death experiences and god truly saved him.I regret not putting a closer w my dad but my last words to him was just think of jesus and the cross although I wanted to get his apology and understanding my husband not living with the kids it was not the right moment when he was dying.

    Pastor Greg I thank you for your sermon I listen to you every morning. I want to write you a letter about my testimony.

  4. Esther says:

    Hi everyone it’s just amazing how when a person accepts jesus they are not a normal person anymore. the love of jesus transforms a person to ultimately become like jesus. I can’t wait to watch the documentary movie on Sept 28. When death faces us or to some one we love that’s when our spirit somewhat awakens to gods children listening to master Greg on 107.9 has been a spiritual food in my life thanks pastor Greg I hope u live long cause god is truly using you to help save many dying souls

  5. Paul Bowers says:

    Hello Pastr Greg
    My name is Paul Bowers, and live in Wilmington, Ohio. I just finished the 2nd week o f your series: Go Tell Someone. I am inspired from the start. Aspiration is no longer a driving point to serve, necessity is. Ephesians 4:13-14. Turn on the Light and Christ will shine on you. The power of Salvation. Looking forward to the the next four weeks. You anointing is of a kind and compelling quality that only Jesus gives. Yours in Christ Jesus, Paul

  6. Melinda Beistel says:

    I ordered 2 copies of the Steve McQueen book. I personally liked his acting but the books are a gift to my dad and my step dad. I may have to read one before they get it. Love listening to you on the Truth network. God Bless and Jesus is coming soon!!

  7. Asaph Adonai says:

    Hello Pastor Greg
    My name is Asaph.I live in Montana.I heard your message today about Steve McQueen, and how You and he may relate because of the childhood you had, and Steve.I can relate in way too, maybe some what different then you and Steve.
    I grew up in a alcoholic home too, where there was physical and emotional abuse, and I know Im not the only one.
    Difference, my birth Mom was the 9th born of 11 children.She got pregnant with me before marriage, and in those days if you got pregnant before marriage, you were force to marry even if you may have not been ready, or didn’t want to.
    My father was abusing my mother then before they married, and when she was forced to marry him, she felt trapped, and when I came along it made her feel even more trapped.
    Growing up,Mom’s sibling’s my Aunts and Uncles they were always uncomfortable with me, or when I was around because I was the first born, and served as a reminder of the monster their Sister was married too, and reminder of the abuse she was going through.

    I wrote about this in my Autobiography and learned to forgive and heal.
    Doesn’t mean I have to associate, or put my self in the Bee’s nest again, or emotional harm’s way but I can have compassion, or understanding.
    There is an old saying you cant give what you don’t have, and maybe the people who hurt me, didn’t have. Doesn’t excuse the behavior but forgiveness helps a person understand.

    It pleases me to know that Steve McQueen accepted Christ. I liked him in Wanted Dead or Alive.


  8. Justin Choi says:

    I am eagerly waiting for the rest of the book. Although Steve died the year I was born, his image as the King of Cool whenever I watched “Magnificent Seven” and the “Great Escape” is forever in my mind. Did you know that he performed his own motorcycle stunts in the “Great Escape?” Or that his boys school’s “Boys Republic” is still in Chino Hills? Few knew that he became a Christian and hope that more will know how his testimony even in the end brought glory to God. Praying that God will bless Pastor Greg as he finishes this book.

  9. Julie Wyman says:

    I am absolutely giddy with excitement to read your book! I have always been a huge McQueen fan and now to have the opportunity for my “best friend” and pastor share this amazing story with me is just too cool. God bless you ,Greg, for letting me come along on this awsome ride.

    Your Sister in Christ,

  10. patricia a bohanan says:

    I wasn’t able to get to church today and turned on the computer to watch the message on live stream. (My daughter’s car broke down, and she had to use mine for work.) I’ve been telling everyone I know about the movie/documentary on the salvation of Steve McQueen. When I saw that I could down load the 1st chapter, I did so immediately. He was always my favorite actor, and I had read once that he had come to The Lord before he died. I am very happy that you have made this more public. I enjoyed the first chapter of your book and look forward to the movie. Also, thank you for being my Pastor.

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