Hanging with Chuck Smith and Raul Ries

We had a great time on the Praise the Lord program Thursday night on TBN. If you go to iTunes, you can actually download the show for free.

I was a guest, along with Raul Ries and Chuck Smith, and we were interviewed by Paul Crouch Jr., who I thought did a really good job. Chuck actually teared up when he was sharing about his Christian upbringing.

The whole two-hour show was a wonderful tribute to Chuck’s life and ministry, which was richly deserved. It is well worth watching.

Raul also shared his powerful story of coming to Christ and I was able to share my story as well. They also showed a few clips from the Lost Boy film. I will post a couple of clips from the show on Monday for you.

This Sunday at Harvest

Don’t forget, this Sunday I am back in my Acts series Upside-Down Living with a message titled “Unsung Heroes.”

Our special musical guest will be my friend, Marty Goetz. Marty is a Messianic Jew, who uses his incredible gifts of songwriting and singing to glorfiy God. I often think of what the Psalmist David might have sounded like when I listen to Marty.

Check out the live webcast by clicking here.

I am preaching in South Dakota on Sunday night

I will be there speaking at the Hills Alive Festival on Sunday at around 7:30 P.M., South Dakota time.

I will also be meeting with some pastors there the next day about a potential Harvest Crusades event in South Dakota. I am also going to take a Harley ride and we are going to see Mount Rushmore. That is a first for me, and I am really looking forward to it.

For more information on that, click here.

Etc., etc.

Here is my column this week from WorldNetDaily. And here is my long-form devotion.

6 thoughts on “Hanging with Chuck Smith and Raul Ries”

  1. Youtuber says:

    It was wonderful to see your faces on TV. I listened to Pastor Smith and Pastor Ries while living in CA on my commute to work and back. Of course I attended Harvest so I saw Pastor Greg on most Sundays. May God bless you as you continue to preach the Word of God without compromising its true message. BTW it was a powerful ending when you all took turn in sharing about your faith and Pastor Smith leading the viewers in prayers.

  2. kathryn says:

    It was great to see you all on TBN. I live in Atlanta, GA. I called my dad immediately. My mom and he were saved during the Jesus People Movement at Calvary Costa Mesa. They saw you all come on to the scene as well. My dad was on staff at Costa Mesa in 83 and 84. I came to the Harvest Crusade in 2002. Ricky Ryan got me in good seating with all the Pastor’s wives in the stands and I had an opportunity to come down to the green room to meet you and say hi to Chuck. I really enjoyed that opportunity. Take care. I am still trying to find the Song book you illustrated. I lost my dads. He was quite upset at me. So if you happen to have an extra one somewhere I would really appreciate it.

  3. Gabriel says:

    Being kind to others is very Christ-like. You never know when you may be entertaining angels and unaware of it. 🙂 Be ye kind, one to another. Ephesians 4:32

  4. Justine says:

    Really great job on TBN the other night Greg!
    It was such an awesome program that I watched the full two hours of it and didn’t fall asleep! Loved Chuck Smith’s smile, loved your impressions, loved the stories that you guys shared!
    Its amazing to see God use men from such totally different upbringings (whether they be dysfunctional or they be raised in a Christian home) and use them in a mighty way!!

  5. Linda says:

    just wanted to tell you that at starbucks they have this dessert called “stella”and it reminded me of you
    you should try it

  6. Linda says:

    just watched on line that was rad…
    great witnesses, testimonies,
    it is so rad how when you share your story you always share it like it is the first time you ever told.
    and wow, God is so good. i heard all three of your stories, yet hear them before but yet they are so powerful to get encouraged from. you are such a wonderful husband to your wife, a great father to your kids, and now a delighted awesome grandpa. how cool is that …
    you impressions are pretty good too.
    loved the raul ries one,
    especially loved when he was cracking up smiling …
    he is such a proud grandpa too.
    that is so rad…
    looking forward to the day when my son, 19 years old will return to Christ as well.
    it has been hard lately in our lives..yet i know where my faith lives.
    when i see others and God blessing them so much it brings me hope to hang on to Jesus.
    i really enjoy listening to your radio show everyday i feel like i know you personally. i am now 45 years old and have been listening since i was in my 20’s and to raul as wel…God is so good
    just wanted to let you know what an incredible blessing you truly are…

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