O.C. Thursday tonight!

Tonight is our third night of our new Thursday Bible study in Orange County, California.

I will be speaking on “Jesus Christ: God with Us.” This is part of our new series called Essentials: What Every Christian Needs To Know.

I hope you can come and join us if you are in the area.

Speaking on Skid Row

As you may remember, I had the privilege of sharing the gospel on Skid Row this last Thanksgiving. This was part of my Aunt Willie’s annual outreach through the Fred Jordan Mission.

Here is a short video clip of excerpts from my presentation.

2 thoughts on “O.C. Thursday tonight!”

  1. Anne says:

    I enjoyed watching that clip. It’s a good reminder to me of the people who are out there who not only need God but need us to love on them.

    Anne Maltes

  2. Tim says:

    Great message. But I’m guessing that wasn’t all of it, was it?

    Looks like everyone had a good time though. God bless, as always.


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