The bubble that bursts!

Tonight, I will be giving a message from the fascinating book of Ecclesiastes.

One word that appears a number of times in this autobiographical book, written by King Solomon, is  the word “vanity.” The word “Vanity” that is used here is not speaking of personal vanity, as in spending too much time in front of their mirror every day.

There are, of course, people like that who “never met a mirror they did not like.”

The word used here, in the original language, means, “emptiness, futility, meaninglessness, ‘a wisp of a vapor,’ ‘a hollow, empty ring,’ nothingness, or a bubble that bursts.”

Nothing will fill the void in your life except God.

Solomon–who went on a backslide and pretty much tried everything this world has to offer–is telling us that there is nothing on this Earth
that will satisfy us completely, apart from God. No thing, no pleasure, no relationship, nothing he found had enduring value in life.

It’s like riding one of those stationary bikes. You pedal and pedal, but never really go anywhere. They have high-tech ones now where you can watch a video of a road with some beautiful scenic landscape, but the fact is that when you get off that bike, you are in the same place you were when you started.

If you want to know more, come join us or watch the webcast. It all happens at Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside at 7:00 P.M., Pacific Time.

O.C. Thursdays

Don’t forget that tomorrow night I will be speaking from my Essentials series in Orange County. My topic is “What We Will Do in Heaven.”

I will also be joined by special musical guests The Katinas!

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  1. Teri says:

    It was a great night of worship Wednesday, and the message was awesome! God Bless you Pastor Greg,Cathe,Jonathan,Brittany,little Stella, and baby Lucy. I’m praying for the upcoming Harvest Crusades~ In His Love~ Teri

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