With Jentezen Franklin on Praise the Lord

3 thoughts on “With Jentezen Franklin on Praise the Lord”

  1. pepgora says:

    pastor, you touched my life on sunday through your sermon with the topic going left to get right and that was the first time i saw this program, you won’t believe no body in the house tuned the station. You are such an instrument in the hands of God. I beg you not to leave me behind.God be with you.

  2. jsolo says:

    Pastor Laurie:

    I watched your interview on Praise the Lord with Jentzen Franklin and was moved to write to you. Your words on christians needing to be more heavenly focused caused me to sit up in my bed as I was falling off to sleep while Praise the Lord program was on the air. I am glad and pleased that you have a blog because I have not found this to be the case with other ministers. It makes for easier communication.


  3. Tony B says:

    God is working here something glorious! These Pastors realize that there is a huge opportunity for God’s glory in this generation of young people who are totally seaching for something and that is the PEACE with God that only comes through Christ!

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