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Long Island Harvest 09 with Greg Laurie

Help spread the word to visitors to your Web site or blog by adding one of our banners! We’ve already done the HTML code; all you have to do is copy the code and place it in your webpage. When the event is live, your banner will automatically be updated and linked to the live webcast.

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2 thoughts on “Add a Long Island Harvest 09 Banner to your Web site!”

  1. lorraine says:

    hi there! i was at the saturday night crusade with my 19 year old son. we were one of the people under an umbrella in the sea of umbrellas. THANK YOU SO MUCH for coming to Long Island! Long Island so needs a clear Gospel message and the love of Christ. My prayers are now that those who made commitments or rededications will be fed and nourished. Although i could not attend Sunday night, i watched on the web and thought it was an amazing message. is there anyone to post jonathan’s message on the web too? may God continue to bless you Greg. you sure are gifted…your message was as relevant as it gets (without compromise)…know that you are being used, Glory to God….God bless you!

  2. Gabriel says:

    Oooh… Nice banner! Keep more coming! I love advertising your stuff on my site! 🙂

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