15 year old boy caught watching Bible teaching on his computer!

Here’s a great e-mail I recently received:

Over the past eight months, the Lord has used you so much in my life personally through your daily devotional book, your podcasts and now through your e-mail devotionals.
Last night was the highlight of being blessed – I caught my 15 year-old son on the computer in his room watching your program (and really enjoying it).
I just finished reading Lost Boy, and he wants to read it now.

Thank God for your obedience and your love for the lost.

Soldiering on for Christ,
Chris Morris

12 thoughts on “15 year old boy caught watching Bible teaching on his computer!”

  1. Michael Collins says:

    Hello Pastor Gregg
    We have two things in common. We both have put our faith in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and we have both been blessed with two beautiful grandchildren. Please allow me to share with you how the Lord has used your ministry to bless my family. We have enjoyed your messages at the Harvest Crusades and on a “A New Beginning”. For years I was ad dicted to secular music. Because of wonderful wife’s prayers, God used 95.9 the Fish to break me of that. For over five years now I have listened to nothing on my radio but the Fish and K-wave. I took my entire family to Fishfest this year, including my daughter’s boyfriend, who is also the father of my 8 week old grandson. I knew you would be giving a message and my prayer was that he would hear the altar call and respond. Well as luck would have it, at the beginning of your message, my grandson Draven began to fuss. His dad then took him and tried to calm him down. His attention was now fully off your message. After a few minutes with no progress, I then offered to take Draven for a walk. As soon as I got him in my arms, he stopped crying as I headed up the stairs from the orchestra section. We got to the top, with Draven now fast asleep. I stopped and sat at the sound booth to listen to the rest of your message. The time came where you gave the invitation and I stood up to see if Draven’s dad had responded to the message. I was dissapointed to see he was not standing up. My dissapointment was shortlived when I saw who WAS standing up. My eleven year old grandaughter, Kayleigh, was making her public profession of her faith in Jesus Christ as her Lord And Saviour. The tears streamed down my face as I held my grandson watching her taking a stand for Jesus. Seeing your grandchild do that, is an indescribable wonderful feeling. Please keep Draven’s dad in your prayers that soon he will respond. There are two things that I am absolutely sure of, Pastor Gregg. One is that Christopher is in Heaven right now with our Lord and Saviour and that some day my Grandaughter will meet Christopher. God bless you and your family.

    Your Brother in Christ
    Michael Collins

  2. Eric says:

    Nice story!! I been watching Pastor Greg since he came to my city.

  3. jerry jones says:

    God is teaching us about sharing that is why we are to care for one another, love one another, listen to one another, pray for one another, build one another up, speak the word to one another, all the one anothers in the Bible because; Sorrow shared is half the sorrow and Joy shared is double the joy. Amen

    This story is more the double the joy in my heart, what a blessing to read about this young man. I do not always go here to your blog; I’m glad I did today Praise the Lord.

  4. josh says:

    wow! that is amazing. Greg Laurie has blessed my heart as well. I’m josh and 10 years old. my mom and dad introduced me to greg Laurie when Iwas 9 and haved loved it! I love getting my morning started with Greg Laurie! And sometimes I even listen to some of his 2006 podcasts and read the book I just got, strengthening your faith and I also read his daily devotional! All of that I do in the evening. in the moring I do a podcst and devotional. I’m so glad your 15 year old son has been enjoying GREG LAURIE! sincerely, josh

  5. Marisa says:

    Praise God!! That is so awesome. In a day where there is so much wordly stuff on the internet this is a story of hope for the future!!!!

  6. Tino G. says:

    A Blessing that is. To see your children choosing the things of God rather than the things of this world, Praise God. Thank you Jesus for touching this young mans life.


  7. Sheila Kelley says:

    Awesome to read about your 15 yr old son. My son is 15 as well and learning about the Lord. It is awesome when you see God working in their lives…

  8. Randy Myers says:

    What a pleasant surprise and awesome blessing! With all the garbage we have to sludge through to get to the good, it’s encouraging to hear such a report!!

    Hi Rick & Linda Martin from Whole Life back in Michigan, glad to see you’re checking out our church’s site and hearing from the greatest follicle challenged evangelist on Earth! May God continue to shine on (and OFF) our heads!

  9. James Martinez says:

    Pastor Greg, I have been a part of the Calvary Chapel movement since 1983. I have listened to your teachings at Pastor’ Conferences, Men’s Conferences, on cassette and now, thank God, on the internet. Your ministry and teachings have been a great blessing to me. I serve as an assistant to Pastor Charlie Flores here in El Paso, TX. We often share nuggets from your teachings and books with each other. Your devotionals have been a blessing that I often forward. I pray that the Lord blesses you and your family for the wonderful example of obedience that you all are. I know why that 15 year old watches you on his computer. You have been gifted in reaching the young in age and heart.

  10. Rick & Linda Martin says:

    that is so rad what a blessing thank you for sharing 🙂

  11. Karen Johnson says:

    I love that email. I would say that ranges with the miraculous when a 15 year old is seeking the Lord in his bedroom on the computer! Wonderful.

    I have to say that you and your devotionals and your blog have been an anchor for my soul in the worst year of my life, after losing our son. I don’t know how you have done it Greg, in your own grief, but I could hear from you when I couldn’t listen to anything else.

    Thank you for your faithfulness and perseverance. And may the Lord continue to comfort and use you.

    Love and gratitude, Karen

  12. Joe says:

    Wow, what an awesome story…I love it.

    God bless you Pastor Greg and the work you’re doing. You are an inspiration to so many of us who listen to and watch your broadcasts each day.

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