Early morning in Chicago

I took this photo from my hotel window last night.

Hey everyone,

I wanted to wish all of you Dads out there a Happy Father’s Day.

What a special and needed role you play in our culture today. I do not think it is an overstatement to say that fathers who stand by their wives and children, honor their vows, and, most importantly, provide much-needed moral and spiritual leadership are the unsung heroes of America today.

I have an article at WorldNetDaily  this weekend where I talk more about that. To read it, click here.


As I write this post, it is very early in the morning in one of the great American cities, Chicago. In fact, it is the third largest city in the country.

Yesterday, it was my privilege to speak to a group of the most influential pastors and leaders here on the topic of  potentially bringing a Harvest Crusades event here, possibly as soon as next year.

I was told they have not had an effective evangelistic event here in more than 30 years! That’s hard to imagine, considering Chicago is home to one of the greatest evangelists ever, D. L. Moody. In fact I quoted this statement from Moody in my my talk yesterday:

“I would a great deal rather see a hundred men, thoroughly converted, truly born of God, than to see a thousand professed conversions where the Spirit of God has not convicted of sin. Don’t let us cry, ‘Peace,peace,’ when there is no peace. Don’t go to the man who is living in sin and tell him all he has to do is stand up and profess, without any hatred for sin. Let us ask God first to show every man the plague of his own heart that the Spirit may convict them of sin. Then will the work in our hands be real and deep and abide the fiery trials which will try every man’s labor.”

Very strong response

From what we could see, there was a very strong response and strong support here for us doing an event there next year. I count it an honor and privilege to be invited. I pray that this idea will become a realty.

My friend James MacDonald (who pastors Harvest Bible Chapel here) really stepped up to the plate on this one and had the original vision for this and called on his fellow pastors to prayerfully consider this.

I would appreciate your prayers as we take steps toward seeing a Chicago Harvest become a reality.

6 thoughts on “Early morning in Chicago”

  1. Derek says:

    I live in Chicago- please come next year!

  2. Debbie D says:

    Happy Father’s Day Pastor Greg!
    May our Heavenly Father shower you with His blessings! You are a wonderful example of a devoted, loving husband, father and of course grandfather…thank you.

  3. Bob Dykstra says:

    Greg, my heart goes out to you on this Father’s Day. I also lift you up in prayer, for I share an experience with you. On 7/10/06, I received the heart wrenching call that my son had suddenly been taken to be with the Lord. He too, was killed in a car accident. I (we) had him for twenty one years, far too few. He loved the Lord, so I gain much comfort from KNOWING that he is with our Heavenly Father. However, in some ways I dread this day and the “missing him” that gets SO renewed. I know that as long as I live that the pain of his loss will not leave me, but in all things I DO give thanks. Many people don’t understand that, but I feel sure that you do. Many blessings have come even through our dispair. Sixteen lives were committed to Christ at Josh’s memorial service, as well as countless oportunities for me to share my faith and how the Lord carries ME through all of this. So on this Father’s Day, I also pray for you, because I know the memories and sorrow that must be flooding your heart. REJOICE! Christopher and Joshua are rejoicing with the Lord on this Day!!
    Love, Bob Dykstra
    P.S. We worship @ Calvary Chapel Queen Creek in Arizona.

  4. Larry Hughes says:

    Dear Greg, in my 23 years near Chicago I plugged along with so many others in the lull of a big city with its impressive culture, politics, commerece, etc. Ohhhh that people there might meet our great God in the midst of that! And have their perspective changed!

    Blessings! (Go!)


  5. Jayne Rennick says:

    I live in Naperville, Il, west of Chicago about 30 miles. Naperville is a beautiful city, very family friendly and named as the best place in America to live by Money Magazine.

    However, Chicago just 30 minutes away, has a very high murder rate among inner city teenagers and children. After every murder, the local Chicago residents march with slogans and almost every week another child is killed.

    I can’t think of a better place to have a crusade than here in the Chicago area. Marches don’t make differences in people’s lives, Jesus does. Whether one lives in a crime ridden area or an affluent spiritually dead city, we all need the cure for sin. There are many churches here, however, I don’t know how effective they are. I believe the Holy Spirit can use your crusade to revitalize the church and bring change to Chicago. I pray that the Lord will allow you to have a crusade here that will result in a great spiritual awakening in the Chicago land area, just like during D. L. Moody’s days.

    May God continue to bless you and lead you.


  6. Suzie says:

    I just read your entry for today about Chicago. I will be praying for a Great Crusade there next year. I wanted to ask about Pastor MacDonalds health. I really enjoyed his studies with us here at Harvest when he was here for medical treatments. I have been praying for his recovery and have been wondering lately how he is doing.

    In his Light, Suzie

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