Harvest09 Video Wrap Up – To God Be the Glory

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh taste and see that the Lord is good! Psamls 34:8
    I was a prodical daughter for many, many years and last year after hearing of Tophers death I Gave up my heart and my life totally to God– in answer to my mothers faithful prayers for my salvation for 12 years. It was your testamony, in such a time, Greg and Cathe that ministerd volumes to my heart. I attended last years crusade newly re-dedicated with the hope that God would take this broken life and “make all things new.” This year past has been amazing with God and the Crusade was just another manifestation of that. This was my first year ever attending all three nights and it was my first year serving as a decision follow up worker. I just stood in awe as God worked in the amazing way He does and touched SOOOO many lives. As the field filled I thought of Pedro Garcia’s message at church Sunday morning, one of his points was how we know God by His works. It was this moment on the field that I knew I was seeing a real life modern day work of God, just as in the bible we read of the miracle of Jesus feeding the 5,000 I saw 50,000 fed with the word of God that is still true and very relevant today. Moreover, I saw the fulfillment of many prayers answered.
    The worship and fireworks were awesome! I sat there with my fellow brothers and sisters praising God and really yearning for heaven as never before, no harps or fluffy clouds, but heartfelt praise for the Glory of God! I cant help but think if fireworks and worship are that cool what will God’s Glory be like?! Harvest Crusade 09 was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced! It was truly a “taste” of what heaven has waiting for us.
    God Bless

  2. Bill says:

    Dear Pastor Greg,

    I thank our Father for you. It so so awesome to see God work and the way He has used you. The Lord layed it on my heart to make our family vacation a “Harvest Vacation”. I was discussing this with a friend of mine and he was very interested in going so I drove down from Sacramento to meet up with him so he would attend. We were separated at the event but I know that he was able to hear the gospel. I have not been able to connect with him to follow up but I know that the Holy Spirit was active and trust God’s timing which is perfect.

    My family and I were blessed to attend the Bible study Thursday night in OC where Levi delivered a great message. I was truly blessed as I have recently started sharing God’s word in the Jr. High ministry at my church. It was great to hear a biblical message that uses today’s language. My sons also enjoyed this as well. (They are the ones who got the hat you threw out and came up saying “Greg Denham said to tell you hi.”)

    Then, we attended the Harvet Crusade Friday and Sunday nights. While this was special for your as you celebrated 20 years, It was special for me as well.

    You see, approximately 15 years ago I received the best gift that someone could receive. This is God’s GRACE and eternal life. You talk about the gift that keeps on giving. However, at that time I never made a change in my life and experienced a true conversion. I waited and waited on God to change me. I did not start reading His word, and putting forth any effort. I confessed my sins but never really repented turning from my sin. I was trying it all. I was listening to the music, buying the shirts, attending Harvest Christian Fellowship, even went to a few more Harvest Crusades. I was the true “Almost Christian”. I never took a stand and made a decision to turn from my sin.

    Well, nearly 3 years ago, I was transferred to Northern Ca. with my job. Once I was transferred, it hit me, I need to find a church to attend because I would no longer have my Mom that would take my kids to church on Sundays any longer. I started to attend Calvary Chapel of Auburn where I re-committed my life to Jesus and was Baptized for the first time last September.

    You see, this year as I attended the Harvest Crusade, it was very special as I know now that I have a real relationship with Jesus Christ!!! You see, the lord never gave up on me. He continued to work on me. I have since lost the job I was transferred for but, have gained so much more in Christ.

    I pray that all of the new believers and believers returning to Christ, experience a true transformation. I pray that every day their focus is on Jesus first and that each and every soul won continues to learn and grow in their relationship with Christ. I pray that they do not make the mistake I made. Jesus layed down his life for us as we must lay ours down for him.(MATT 10:38-39) It took me 15 years to realize this before I could expereince the life that God wants us to.

    I thank The Lord for your ministry and for His beautiful GRACE!!!

  3. Carla says:

    It was so amazing and so exhilerating to see the Lord’s work!

  4. Kathy says:

    I watched the crusade on line last night and was very touched by both the music and the message. It is an awesome ministry that touches the lives of millions. The tears would not stop as I watched those who chose to follow Christ come down to make their public profession of faith. Thank you Harvest Crusade

  5. alicia says:

    My daughter, a friend, and I attended the crusade Sunday night. I was at the first crusade 20 years ago with my 3 children who are now adults. Thank you Harvest for helping me raise my children in the Lord. We were so blessed with the worship, message, and fire works. To God Be The Glory! Thank you Pastor Greg & Family.

  6. Kathy says:

    Thank You Jesus!!!!!!!

  7. Lonny Anthony Wedell says:

    Suggestion; maybe book the Rose Bowl or Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum next year. God has worked wonders with Harvest Crusades. However I don’t think anyone should ever be turned away from hearing God’s word. I was there with my family all three nights it was awesome to see so many people come forward to accept Jesus Christ in to their lives. God is working through Greg Laurie and Harvest. Too bad I am headed overseas I would love to be here next year. Congratulations on 20 years.

  8. Victoria says:

    I was so blessed to serve and be part of such an amazing work of the Lord. The drive from Nevada was well worth it. The prayer room upstairs was so powerful, and the Lord listened to all of our prayers as well as others praying for the event. And when on the field, the Lord brought divine appts to us, including one lady that I had much in common with from my past, and a family with children. It was so amazing. I was running late and missed Sunday, there were so many people which was so amazing in itself. But my prayers went out!!!! I agree, amen to God be all the glory.

  9. Anonymous says:

    My third time at a Harvest Crusade and one of the highlights of my life. A message on Heaven…Chris Tomlin and Crystal Lewis. When the fire works were going off and Chris was leading us with “God of the City” I felt Jesus’ presence and knew we were closer than ever to what Heaven will be like. Thank you Greg.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Amen! I was so blessed to serve as well and be a part of an amazing move of the Lord. The drive from Nevada was so well worth it all!

  11. Anonymous says:

    I was so blessed to be a part of all that God did this weekend at the crusades. I was given the opportunity to serve friday night and it was amazing. So many people from all nations gave their lives to the Lord. My daughter and I also were in the prayer room and we prayed for that too and miracles. And when we were on the field as a follow-up person the Lord put divine appts for me and the others. It was so amazing. Behind the scenes are awesome prayer warriors and I just want to give the thumbs up and to God be all the glory, amen.

  12. The Tom Klock Family says:

    Wow…God is faithful and at work in an awesome way! We rejoice over the things He has done this weekend and pray that revival will spread out across our hurting state, country, and world! God bless you all at Harvest Crusades and we miss being there with you all!

  13. Stephany says:

    Praise the Lord! This whole weekend was and always is awesome! Thank you so much for being faithful to keep on for these 20 years to have a crusade in Anaheim and where ever else Harvest Crusades is called to go! You are so right To God Be The Glory!!!!!

  14. June says:

    What an awesome God! What a great weekend!

    “Oh, clap your hands, all you peoples!
    Shout to God with the voice of triumph!
    For the LORD Most High is awesome;
    He is a great King over all the earth.”
    Ps 47:1-2

    June in Texas

  15. Carla says:

    This was truly amazing! Life changing! Life altering! Thank you Pastor Greg for being a faithful servant of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for all these years! TO GOD BE THE GLORY FOREVER AND EVER!

  16. Vicki says:

    Dear Pastor Greg,

    What a great night tonight. I rededicated my life to Jesus on Friday night!! I am so happy, I can’t even explain it. I was able to attend tonight as well and I was so moved by the message.

    Thank you so much! May God bless you always!

  17. marco cazorla says:

    amen sir. you are right. PRAISE GOD!

  18. The Tom Tinker Family says:

    We were there! Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!! God did His thing tonight!! So blessed to have shared in His work!! To God be the glory!!

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