45 thoughts on “A Parable from the Beach, Part 1”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Greg for your faithful ministry.

    PS, you look like Jack Nicholson with those sunglasses!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Greg, I really love your daily devotions and your podcast i listen to them everyday.I have really enjoyed your presentation on the parable and the sower.It makes a lot of sense to me. thank you for your ministry and god bless you and your family.

  3. Travis Freeman says:

    Hi Greg I love your messages there so uplifting I am Praying for you & your team & family all the time.
    Bless ya.
    your Bro in Australia

  4. lydia says:

    thanks Greg for all of your devotionals i love to read them all and keep up your good job in your crusades I am glad at your crusade people made a commitment to Jesus and hope they will keep their commitment to Jesus forever also cause God is good,awesome God he is alive his book is the best book to read also. Praise the Lord for your good works and God Bless your family and i enjoyed listening to your video also
    here. just keep on sending your good devotionals to me i enjoyed them I even send them out to my other christian friends also

  5. Linda says:

    Pastor Greg, My prayers include you and your family. I know the pain of losing loved ones, from passing from this earth and form divorce. Keep looking up! King Jesus is on His way and I feel it will be soon. Thanks for all the hard work and dedication. You have helped me in my walk with the Lord. If you have time please pray for me. I’m a single mom recently laid off from a Christian teaching position and totaled my car. Thanks again.

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