With Nick Vujicic at SoCal Harvest 09

Watch the interview from Saturday night at Angel Stadium.

10 thoughts on “With Nick Vujicic at SoCal Harvest 09”

  1. Anna Baith says:

    God bless you Nick and may you continue to minister to the souls of this world just as God has created you to do. Thank you so much for reminding us that it is not about who we are in the world and how they see us, but who we are in Christ and how He sees us. Marie is my mother and it was me she brought to the Harvest Crusade July 4,1996. I was unmarried, 5 months pregnant, and utterly lost. It was then Christ called me back. I was crying and completely overwhelmed. Then Greg asked us if we wanted to ask Christ into our life to come down to the field. I began to go and my father actually became worried and didn’t think I should go because I was becoming so emotional that he thought something would happen to me or my daughter. But it was my mom who said “Let her go, God will watch out for her and her baby.” And He did! And God continues to work his healing miracles to this day. My daughter is now 12 and she came with my mother and I to this years Harvest Crusade. She is such a wonderful child of God, and God has since blessed me with a beautiful boy,(whom is now 4!)and is so full of life! And mischief! This years Harvest Crusade and message of hope couldn’t have come at a better time, because in June of this year, I was 5 months pregnant and the baby passed away. I was devestated. I didn’t know how to cope. Praise God for my mother whom never stopped praying for God’s healing hand on me. And praise God whom constantly reminded me when I didn’t now how I would make it that: “My grace is sufficient for you”; and that in my weakness He is strong.
    Praise God for Nick and others like him!
    May we all “Fight the good fight.”

  2. Sandy says:

    I am proud to call Nick my brother in the Lord!!

    Hee Haw from Texas

  3. Christin says:

    Nick’s positive attitude is so uplifting. I can’t help but smile every time I see him!

    Congrats on 20 years, Pastor Greg!

    “Greater things have yet to come, and greater things are still to be done in this city!”

  4. Mariana says:

    Hi Pastor Greg!

    Thanks for sharing this excerpt from the crusade on your blog. I love Nick’s attitude and how he reflects God’s work in his life, it’s just amazing. Very very powerful testimony that’s being used for His glory only!

    Also to comment on one of the posts in your blog, from Marie… if you would allow me, Pastor Greg… just so you both know, my heart goes out to your nation, I know many christians are asleep in the US, and we’re praying for you. God may be silent, but He’s always working. I know He has a plan for the US, and He will keep working with the US. From my point of view, as an outsider (in Mexico), this is just one more test for the believers in the US so you can all (because I know many christians are awake and ready working for the Lord, such as yourself) turn back to your God, go back to the Biblical principles in which your beautiful country is based in, take a stand for our Lord and God will respond. And well, our time and the Lord’s time is not the same, it might feel forever, but God is certainly never late nor early, but just in time.

    Your Country, Ministry and your Family pastor Greg… remain in my prayers,

    God Bless you for such wonderful work!

    Galatians 6:9


  5. Karen Johnson says:

    Nick is awesome. What an inspiration he is to the whole world. What an overcomer in Christ. Thanks for the interview and example. You two are the Dynamic Duo.

  6. Christian Missions In Asia says:

    This is so inspiring and such a blessing indeed! Thanks!

  7. Petra says:

    What an inspiration he is. I’m so glad his parents didn’t abort him – like so many would today. It’s amazing how God can use anyone for his purposes.

  8. Schneb says:

    Awesome testimony, Marie. Don’t worry about our nation. God knows what He’s doing, and there is a plan in motion. Don’t get caught up in the horizontal, look vertical. Jesus said when you see these things BEGIN to come to pass, look up!

  9. Jim Rickard says:

    That was a great testimony of the love and power of God

  10. Marie says:

    What a beautiful testimony of how God works in our lives. Listening to Nick speak was only one of the blessings of the Harvest that evening.
    I came to the Harvest with my daughter. She came to Christ during the Harvest Crusade of 1996. She was returning on this night and wanted me to come with her. I’m a christian and was at the Harvest Crusade when my daughter gave her life to Christ, so I just accepted the invitation to come this evening to be with my daughter.
    My heart has been so heavy lately with the affairs of our Nation. I have been so depressed from it. I pray for God to remember his children in our Nation everyday. I could not help but wonder, where is God’s hand in our Nation today? Why is he silent?
    When I left that night, my heart was so overwhelmed with love and praise for the ‘living God’. I know that He is in control of our lives, and our Nation. My heart was lifted that night. So much so that I returned the following Sunday with another daughter and four of my grandchildren. That night, all of them came down and gave their lives to Christ. What a weekend!
    I praise the Lord for lifting us up with reminders of his love in so many ways including through people like Nick Vujicic, and Greg Laurie’s Harvest Crusade.

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