Driven by eternity

We are thankful that God allows us to not only touch our community, state, and country, but also our world through Harvest Ministries.

I just received a letter from a listener in Uganda.

Dear Pastor Greg,

Thank you for the work you are doing to the entire world through your preachings on Radio ABC in Uganda. It has really created an impact in me. Now I feel born again, and so continue with the work as you proclaim the truth of God’s Word.

Then, this e-mail from Cape Town:

Dear Pastor Greg,

Although I live in Cape Town, I feel as though I know your family and I want to thank you all for the amazing witness you have been to me during your enormous time of suffering through the loss of Christopher.  What a witness you have been.

I watched you on TBN when you spoke soon after Christopher’s death, and in your utter pain, you were one of the most effective witnesses I have ever heard.

Thank you to you and your family for your love for Jesus Christ, who is our all. 
Your daily readings are so well grounded and it’s a privilege to have someone who tells the truth and expounds the Word so greatly.

The work you are doing in your Harvest gatherings is so exciting and makes us realize that at the end of the day, if we are not driven by eternity, we are missing out on the very best.

“Driven by Eternity”

Very well said. That’s what I want to be, “driven by eternity.”

How about you? Are you driven by eternity? If so, what does that mean?

Share your thoughts with me.

15 thoughts on “Driven by eternity”

  1. Karen Seto says:

    Pastor Greg Thank you for your book hope for the huting hearts. I have just finished reading it. It has brought me great joy to my heart that we can carry on through losing a child. I to have lost a son to a car accident, and that was 22 yrs ago. we have a great GOD that can comfort us and just be along side of us.May the continue to bless you and your family. Love in Christ Karen praying alway for u.

  2. Rosie says:

    Dear Pastor Greg: Once the pain in my heart subsided following my husbands death, which took about two years, I came to realize how important it is to have one goal in my life, and that is eternal life. His last ten days on this earth were spent hooked up to a respirator, could not talk, could only write a few things until a stroke stopped even this. But the good news is, even after his final breath, which was really only given to him from the work of the respirator, God took over. I say this because his paralysis of his right side, from the stroke, made it impossible for him to do what he did.After the respirator was turned off and taken from his earthly body, he, through only God’s working a miracle was able, with his right hand, which I was holding, squeezed my hand. What I did not realize then, I do now, and this that it was a gift from God to me. He wanted me to know, so that I would live a holy life from that day forward. It was His grace that allowed my husband to show me he was being taken to heaven…I believe it was not my hand he was grasping but the hand of Jesus taking him to the Kingdom. That glorious moment, his last gesture I thought was only for me, but it was for me to tell the world, there is a heaven, and He will come to take you with Him. I am so humbled by God’s grace on me, to allow me to be a witness to His amazing love. Pastor Greg, you have it all right, you are on the right track and giving the right message to all those who doubt there is a heaven. I have not seen it, have not been there, but I do know my late husband through God’s mercy and grace … in a squeeze of a hand…gave me the wisdom of not only a heaven, but of the Heavenly Father who awaits us. God bless and be with you always. There is no doubt your reward awaits you too as does Christopher.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Pastor Greg,
    I attend Harvest and I’m so blessed to have the job I have. I’m a waitress and I get to talk to so many people. It’s just been until Christopher went home to be with our Lord that I’ve been so bold. I was talking to one of my regular customers and she told me about her 13 year old son being killed by a drunk driver. Tears filled my eyes as I once drank and drove, before I was saved. Praise God I never hurt anyone and I’m now delivered from that sin. I told her about your book Hope for Hurting Hearts and she told me she already had it. She said she wanted to email you on how the book is helping her and I told her please do, Pastor Greg would love it. I pray for your family daily. Another customer’s son died because of a virus and I was able to give them your book. I carry them in my car. Thank-you Pastor Greg for putting your heart in a book and giving hope to those that are hurting. The Laurie family is always in my prayers and it’s so great to see Topher’s place and Stella in the new children’s building. Thank-you for all you do and God Bless.

  4. Debbie D says:

    “Driven by Eternity”

    I sit in a car, it’s make, Lord, it’s model, Jesus. I save lots on gas, it’s driven by a mixed formula of Faith, Hope, and Trust. The maker of my model says it’s mainly run on LOVE and of course I believe it! At times, it can be a divine challenge with being on such wide, bumpy roads. But, I find my model rides perfect on the much more narrow roads. The most frequent road that I’ve been driving is called “The Road To Eternity.” I know that if I stay on this road, I’ll end up at a gate named Beautiful. I know I’ll get there,but most likely with a few flats, many detours,and running out of the mixed formula. But, the maker says I will always be filled up and not to worry or get angry about it.
    I know that at the end of this narrow road awaits Lord, the Maker. My goal is a prize. I entered a race to be the first private gardener of the King! So, as I continue this journey, my eyes are looking forward, my hands firmly on the wheel and I’m enjoying the ride!

  5. Anonymous says:

    drivin by eterinty is to always have the end game in mind. One day we will stand before Jesus and give an account on our life.. One night pondering this, i wrote in my journal..

    One Day I’ll stand before you.
    On that day what will be worthy of your approval?
    Such things i want to invest my time on.
    Such things i want to accomplish..

    Thanks Greg for being an example of being Drivin by Eternity.

  6. John Duncan says:

    I had a heart attack in December of 2007, when I was released from the hospital, the doctors told me I had a one in three being dead within a year, and I had a on in 3 chance of full recovery, and a one in three change of getting well enough to stay alive and yet not be able to return to work. I couldn’t imagine not being in the ministry, so my prayer was God please heal me or take me home, but don’t leave in in the in between place. Well guess, what I am in the in between place. It seems I had a lot yet to learn about living for eternity and not living for the Ministry, and in this last couple of years, I have learned things about God, and have a deep desire that what I do will be eternal, and not temporal. I have looked back in years of ministry, and wonder how much was driven by something other that eternity, and it is like God has given me a chance to attempt true service, invisible service that is eternity driven. Now I thank God to leaving me in this in between place, it is a place where I have learned more about what really matters in life.


  7. Katie says:

    Driven by eternity. Made me think of what drives people in this day and age and what they put their trust in. Success, money, homes, the fanciest car. In Psalm 20, David says, “Some trust in chariots, and some in horses; But we will remember the name of the Lord our God.” That’s who I want to be driven by…all the way to heaven and beyond!

  8. Carol says:

    Driven by Eternity. This is the means by which I am able to get through the constant struggles and challenges of each and every day of my life on earth.

  9. Linda says:

    “Driven by eternity”
    To me means to set my mind on things that are above, as the Apostle Paul tells us to do in the book of Colossians, and not to focus on the here and now, because that will soon pass. To be driven by eternity is to set my daily living on doing the things that pleases God and what brings glory to Him!

  10. Joan Kreutzer says:

    To me, driven by eterniy means: living my life for GOD, through GOD and with GOD. HE is my reason to get up in the morning. Giving HIM thanks and expecting HIM to be there, at my side all day long. HE has p romised it, I believe it and I receive it. What a blessing, that we count on HIM to be faithful to us,always. My prayers are with you and your family.Thank you ,for all that you do ,in making HIM known.

  11. Anonymous says:

    “Driven by Eternity”

    That is the desire of my heart. To please the Lord to complete His purpose for me while I am here. I am driven by a desire to go home (heaven)…but as your parable of the seeds so well described, I don’t want to be a 30% producing Christian or even a 60%, I want to have a 100% return on His investment in me when I face the Lord.
    I agree wholeheartedly with the writer from Cape Town – “I watched you on TBN when you spoke soon after Christopher’s death, and in your utter pain, you were one of the most effective witnesses I have ever heard”

    Listening to you has kept me remembering that I don’t want to face the Lord empty handed – inspite of pain…as you have so well demonstarted yourself, in spite of pain – you press on…

    That in my opinion is being “Driven by Eternity”

  12. Anonymous says:

    “driven by eternity”
    I believe that to be driven by eternity means to just “think heaven”. To know that your goal in life is to give glory to God and the best place to do that is in heaven. Just desire to get to heaven where you can be with God. Be driven by this desire, by eternity.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I too can relate to ‘driven by eternity’. A few years ago now I was struck by the need for ESHV – Earthly Sight, Heavenly Vision. This became a theme I tried to develop my daily walk around. So much that goes on around us needs to be viewed from the perspective of eternity. Thank you Greg for your teaching this past year, which has renewed my yearning for eternal perspective in my daily living.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I believe that our Christian friend in Cape Town said it so beautifully..Driven by Eternity. How powerful are those words!
    What does it mean?
    I believe that the ultimate goal,purpose and reason for my very existance as a Christian is to feel that drive in my life to serve Jesus Christ.To want do the best I can to please Him. To want to be committed to His Word, and to want to share that Word with family, friends and strangers. Especially for those that are hurting. Taking this journey with Him knowing that the ultimate goal will be LIVING with Him, and those we love and prayed for, forever in Eternity. Heaven, with our Lord Jesus!
    Nothing on this earth can ever come close to that!
    God Bless you, Pastor Greg

  15. Bridget Willard says:

    That is what “it” is all about!

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