Who wore it best?

Perhaps you have seen those side-by-side photos in magazines like People or US Magazine that ask, “Who wore it best?”

You see pictures of two celebrities wearing the same outfit, and the readers are encouraged to vote on “who wore it best?”

It’s usually a no-brainer, since one is usually quite a bit more attractive then the other.

Allow me to take that same question and apply to a different area of our lives–our acceptance of sin.

The telephone pole in the eye

It’s funny how we can be so outraged when we see a person committing a sin when we ourselves have somehow managed to rationalize that same sin in our own lives. In our minds, “we wear it best,” or at least it is acceptable for us, while it is outrageous for the other person.

I suggest to you that it is always easy to notice certain compromises and sins in others, because we are far too familiar with them ourselves. It’s the old “I can’t see the speck in your eye because I have a telephone pole in mine” syndrome that Jesus spoke of during the Sermon on the Mount.

Sometimes, we are actually guilty of something far worse than the sin we are criticizing our Christian friend about.

Time to change clothes

So, back to the original question: who wore it best? Neither, if it’s any kind of sin or compromise.

Instead of wearing that today, let’s do as the Bible says and . . .

“Clothe yourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ, and do not think about how to gratify the desires of the sinful nature” (Romans 13:14).

I am sure you will wear that best of all.

2 thoughts on “Who wore it best?”

  1. Jenna Aussie says:

    This is a great and refreshing analogy for the modern world.. I love it how you use contemporary and relevant culture to highlight Gods word and character. Thank you too for not leaving out women in yr communication style, there is no ‘boys club’ in yr preaching and teaching and I for one appreciate that!! I love looking at those ‘who wore it best’ as I often differ.. but it’s so true, Grace is a free gift we have recieved and why are we so stingy at passing on the currency??

  2. Mariana says:

    Great post Pastor Greg!

    Loved the telephone pole as the example!

    A couple of weeks ago, I heard Swindoll mention in on of his sermons, that “If we stick to talking more about events, than of people… we can easily avoid falling into murmuring (gossiping)” And on another booklet that I got on the subject, the author mentions that the Church condemns other sins, but seems to accept murmuring quite well! (it’s a shame, but it’s actually true!)

    I noticed that when we talk about people, we tend to see their specks, and even if we have a telephone pole in our eye or not, we can easily start murmuring which is another sin, and a very strong one at that, cause it can destroy a whole congregation.

    A verse that my Mom told me the other day and was just like a cold bucket of water thrown at me, it was very “similar” to Matthew 7:2, but I’m pretty sure it was another one, cause loose paraphrase it said something like that we should not be judemental showing no mercy toward our brothers, cause we would get the same. And she also mentioned Zachariah 7:9-10 to me last night.

    Blessings Pastor Greg! Prayers are still headed your way 🙂

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