Asking the impossible? (Warning: lame joke ahead!)

This guy was strolling along a California beach when he stumbled upon a lamp in the sand. He gave it a rub and, sure enough, a genie popped out and told him he would grant him one wish.

Anything he wanted.

The guy thought about it and told the genie that he would love to be able to go to Hawaii anytime he wanted, so he would like a highway built from California to Hawaii.

The genie said, “No way! That is impossible!  The cement involved, the logistics . . . it’s impossible! Think of something else.”

So the guy thought it some more and then told the genie, “Help me to understand women. If I could understand women, my life would be so much better and so much easier.”

The genie replied, “Did you want that highway with two lanes or four lanes?”

Tonight at Harvest

I can almost hear you groaning out there. That was just a silly joke, but the topic of understanding the role of both women and men in marriage is not.

That is why I am speaking on that this tonight at Harvest in Riverside. It will be a careful look at God’s words to married people from Ephesians 5.

You can come join us or, of course, watch live at

Chicago, Chicago

This Thursday, I am off to Chicago. I am speaking to a bunch of pastors there on Friday afternoon. This is in preparation for our upcoming Harvest Crusades event to be held in Chicago in 2010.

So remember us in prayer.

8 thoughts on “Asking the impossible? (Warning: lame joke ahead!)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Pastor Greg,
    I love your joke…(not lame)it is so true.
    I had the privelage of coming to your O.C. bible study when it first began.
    ANYONE who can make it to Greg’s intimate bible study should go. I was on vacation at the beach from Reno (we have no ocean) and I made sure I got to see you share the word of God.
    You continue to encourage me everyday on my way to work with “A New Beginning”.
    Thank you for being so real and so much in love with Jesus….Lorrie

  2. Patrick says:

    That was a good one!

  3. SusieT says:

    Pastor Greg,
    I loved the joke…..not lame at all!

    I’ve been reading your blog for about a month now and have loved it….I also was truly blessed by “Lost Boy.” I was born about the same time as you so I understand a lot of your background.

    I’ll keep reading….looking forward to your endtimes comments.

    Susie in Houston

  4. Marie says:

    I like the joke, and it is soooo true the other way around too.

  5. Mariana says:

    Hi Pastor Greg!

    The joke does make a point! LOL and it’s totally true, we women can you men a really hard time sometimes (more all the time!)

    Looking forward for next year’s crusades! It’s on my prayer list 🙂

    Keep us posted 🙂


  6. Anonymous says:


    When your in Chicago, you have to try the Italian Beef. I recommend the original Al’s Beef on Taylor Street. As Philly is famous for the Cheese steak, Chicago is famous for the Italian Beef.

  7. Delphine says:

    Hi Pastor Greg,

    God said Isaac means laughter, in Genesis 21-6
    Sarah said, God has brought me laughter, and
    everyone who hears about this will laugh with
    me. the joke was very funny no man can understand women.
    God Bless You
    Delphine (from CA)

  8. Sandy says:

    Hi Pastor Greg,

    That joke was kinda funny but totally true!!!

    For those of you who live close enough to go and listen to Pastor Greg’s teachings I encourage you to go.

    Don’t take for granted his teachings. The Lord really speaks through Pastor Greg.

    Hee Haw from Texas!

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