Israel,Magog, and the Rapture

Today at Harvest, I will give the second of a five-part series on the last days. We will talk more about the amazing modern-day miracle of the return of the Jewish people to their homeland of Israel.

The Bible warns that after she is re-gathered again, a large force from the north will descend on her, determined to destroy this nation. The Bible calls this force Magog (Ezekiel 38-39), and it will march with allies that come right from the front pages of our newspapers.

We will also talk about what I believe is the next event on the prophetic calendar, the rapture of the Church. You won’t want to miss this message.

The Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove

Then this Monday, I fly to the Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove to join my friends Don McClure, Levi Lusko, and Pedro Garcia, as we all teach on the topic of the last days. That conference will conclude on Wednesday, and I will return to California in time for me to speak in Orange County for our Thursday night Bible study.

For more information on that, click here.

Whew! I get tired just thinking of all of this! I do appreciate your prayers, and I pray that God will bless all of these messages for His Glory.

4 thoughts on “Israel,Magog, and the Rapture”

  1. Deb Collins says:

    does anyone know for sure when the rapture so many of the Christian Pastors I listen to believe in Pre tribulation. If so we must be getting close. I would love to see Him! Please pray for two of my Children to come back to Jesus one already has, Praise God Hallejuah. Thank You and God Bless

  2. Crag says:

    The Rapture is an extremely interesting concept. Thessalonians assures us it will, indeed, happen – but when? Is it right around the corner? Could it happen tomorrow or even today?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I heard the one part of the series on the last days on KWAVE radio this past week. Will this series be put on CD’s or available from online download or something like that? I know I won’t be able to catch all of them and they are too good to miss. I learned a lot.
    Thank you, Pastor Greg.
    God Bless

    — You can download free mp3 files for any of our A New Beginning programs here.

  4. Chris Fraijo says:

    Though the end-time of signs are definitely showing in the eyes of Christians, the truth is, in the eyes of the non-believers, it is business as usual.

    We see it time and time again, tragic events taking place and tragic times come our way. Many people turn to God in the times of tragedy and then when the fire is kindled, they turn away and go back to what they were doing.

    The problem with the congregation in the church is that there are too many “Christians” in there sitting in the pews, going to work and no one at their job knowing where they go on Sunday and what they believe.

    It is important for each one of us to read the Bible and become equipped with the knowledge and wisdom that follows every time we read God’s Word. So many Christians pick up their bible only once and leave it in their cars the rest of the week. How do I know? If the statistics were true about the amount of Christians in the world proclaiming to be Christians, the world would be much different than it is today!

    However, it is sad when I go to church and then see someone I know from work who I never even knew was a Christian! We should be getting together in the workplace and have discussions about Jesus Christ in a way that makes others want to know what makes us so excited! We should be knowledgeable in the bible so when a non-believer comes to question us, challenge us, or become curious about Jesus, we need to know what to say and have the Holy Spirit upon us to give us the right words to say.

    I wish there was more of an emphasis on the part of Ezekiel where God told Ezekiel that if the Words he preaches to him were not to be told and the people die in their sin, their blood will be in his hands!

    This is a serious message from God and even the last Words of Jesus was to “Preach the Word to the ends of the earth.” And yet so many of us fail to do that.

    May we all have the burning fire in our hearts of the Holy Spirit fill our lives and give us the understanding to know that we are responsible for telling people about Jesus Christ. The time is running short, and for some, shorter than they will expect…

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