I just saw the movie 2012 at the movie theater.

First, a quick review. Though not destined to be a classic, 2012 was entertaining at times and had some pretty amazing CGI special effects. It was pretty easy to predict who would survive to the end, but it had its moments.

Now, onto the premise. The movie was based on the Mayan calendar’s supposed prediction that the world would end by the year 2012, and the movie depicts this scenario playing out.

“Repent, the end is near!”

One can’t help but think of the end times scenario that the Bible has predicted and wonder why a film has not been made that is based on the prophecies in the pages of Book of Revelation and other Scripture passages that are being fulfilled before our very eyes.

One funny line in the film came when things were starting to unravel, and someone said, “Those guys with the ‘Repent, the end is near’ signs on the street corners were right all along!” Indeed.

Spoiler alert! At the end of the film, the survivors board massive arks that take them to the new world that has emerged after the scenes of destruction.

A more reliable source

Instead of worrying about the supposed musings about the end of the world from the Mayan calendar, we should all be paying careful attention to the inspired predictions of the Hebrew prophets.

No, they do not predict a date, but they–directed by God and spoken of by Jesus Himself–speak of ‘times and seasons” that I believe we are living in now. Indeed, the Bible speaks of a new world that is coming, but under the care and direction of its Creator and without the curse of sin.

As you may know, I have been teaching a five-part series on last days events, and we are coming to the “grand finale” this Sunday at Harvest. The title of the message is “Heaven on Earth.”

We will look at “heaven and earth becoming one.” God is not going to abandon this planet. He is going to restore it. And this prediction will be fulfilled exactly as He said.

This and that

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6 thoughts on “2012”

  1. Brian Belknap says:

    Greg. I saw it to. and see a pastor like you look at bibical truth about the last days and heaven and hell. may God bless you pastor Greg.

  2. Carol Baldwin says:

    A young man today questioned me about the Bible. He told me that someone said it contradicted itself. I told him of the many fulfilled prophecies and to look at the Bible for himself. (I should have said that people say contradictions because the gospel authors each presented Jesus in their own way as ‘The Son of David; ‘The Son of Man’; ‘The Son of God’ and ‘The Divine Savior’. Next time I see him, I will point that out. I did recommend him to see 2012, as for the worldly, it might lead them to the Bible or ‘the fear of The Almighty’ in a sense. Thank you, Carol B

  3. Bode says:

    Hi Greg, I think the most crucial point to have i mind is the fact that ‘everything’ and ‘everyone’ seem to realise that the end is at hand! Whether we will be on this planet – after it is redeemed, or in another place; wherever that place is; the concern should be being with Jesus. That place will be heaven. Because it is a certain truth, we can not change the location not the events leading to it; but we can ensure we do what we need to do as individuals, to be with the Lord in the end. That is – as many as have this hope in them, ‘purify himself, even as He is pure’. We all individually must ensure we prepare ourselves daily, I will live each day ‘rapturable’; determined to gain eternity with Jesus.

  4. JennaAussie says:

    I saw it last friday night with 2 of my kids, 16 and 22yr old and they thought it was good but way toooo long. And also even for a fantasy movie the gripping escape moments just too frustratinly suspense-ful (but funny) we’re in the cinema yelling ‘Just get on the plane you idiot!’ and ‘run just run!’ and having a laugh. But your right, special effects fantastic and worth the 15 bucks for that. I had no idea about the Mayan calendar.. interesting! But I thought Woody Harrelson played a good part, probably close to his real life persona.. ha ha. The Ark idea was cool, tho, how they survived bumping into Mount Kosiosko without tearing up the duco gets me. !!!
    Good conversation starter though about ‘end times’ I got to chat about end times in the car on the way home to my teenage son.
    Use every opportunity…!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    My husband and I just saw the movie also and we agree with you about the special effects, the fire raining from heaven reminded us of what it must have been like for Sodom and Gomorrah or the massive flooding that depicted the time of Noah and the ark. But what we found disturbing is that “as usual” the christians are made to look like lunatics. There was a film done about the end times it was called Left Behind and it was a very good movie.

  6. Tommy O'Keefe says:

    Greg, it is so encouraging to see pastors of large churches reminding people of the biblical truth you hit on at the end of this post – “We will look at “heaven and earth becoming one.” God is not going to abandon this planet. He is going to restore it. And this prediction will be fulfilled exactly as He said.”

    It seems that many people miss this amazing biblical truth and end up with some warped views of why Jesus is coming back and what it will mean for our planet. When I have attempted to help people understand the concept that God isn’t destroying earth but redeeming it, they act like I’m a wacko and say “its all gonna burn”.

    Thanks again for your faithfulness to impart a biblical understanding of what it is that God is doing in these last days.

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