What We Can Learn from Biscuits

(Thanksgiving Thoughts, Part 2)

Thanksgiving is getting close!

This year, I will be up at the Fred Jordan Mission on Los Angeles’ Skid Row, speaking at an event they have been holding there for years. I will be joined by my friend Dennis Agajanian, who will share his music.

Remember us in prayer!

Thanksgiving with my grandparents

For a number of years, I lived with my grandparents, whom I called Mama Stella and Daddy Charles.

My grandmother was an amazing cook. She never reheated anything, and I don’t think she had ever seen a TV dinner (if she had, she wouldn’t be interested in one). She made everything from scratch, including the best fried chicken I’ve ever tasted.

But the crowning achievement of my grandmother’s cooking was her biscuits. Once you started eating them, you couldn’t stop. Watching my grandmother make them, it appeared to be such a simple process. But no one could quite make it all work like her.

The ingredients were simple: vegetable oil, self-rising flour, and, of course, some buttermilk. None of those ingredients was appealing to me on its own. But she would blend it all together and then put it into a very hot oven.

And when she took those biscuits out, the results were good. Really good.

In the same way, God will take the events of our lives, the good things and the so-called bad things, and put them in the oven of adversity. When it is all done—sometimes much later—we will realize that it is good. What may seem bad today actually may be good tomorrow.

We need to trust God

To give thanks, we must recognize that God is in control of all of the circumstances in our lives. We must realize that God loves us and is always looking out for our eternal benefit, even if what we are presently going through is difficult.

We must remember that God is wiser than we are. He is always dealing with us for our eternal good. But sometimes, what is good for us eternally is not easy for us temporarily. God will make that decision and work in our lives.

There is so much to give thanks for. Have you been thanking God? Don’t wait until Thanksgiving Day. For the Christian, every day should be Thanksgiving.

7 thoughts on “What We Can Learn from Biscuits”

  1. karma says:

    OK, but you can’t talk about those biscuits without giving the recipe….really now….do you have it?

    1. juliette says:

      Pastor Greg,
      I love hearing your sermons. i listen via your site. We are blessed by you allowing God to work through you.
      Also, the way you talk about those biscuits makes me hungry. Right now I’m listening to your sermon, “The Amazing Adventures of Joseph” & you are talking about those biscuits. Will you ever share the recipe? 🙂
      God bless!
      – Juliette

  2. Edistegriergy says:

    I am always looking for recent posts in the internet about this subject. Thx!

  3. Justine says:

    Thats a great analogy on how God works in our lives to take the not-so-great things in our lives and bring us through trials so that we can…”come forth as gold”. Or in this case, a “golden biscuit”! jk. I liked this post alot, not just because it talks about biscuits. Even though, I do love me some biscuits.

  4. Barbara Johnson says:

    Dear Greg,

    So good to hear you will be with Aunt Willie on Thanksgiving giving to others as both of you do so many times. Steve is back at UCLA fighting rejection of his heart. God blessed him with life when the new heart was located – he has had many good days since that time, but the last couple of weeks, he and God are fighting this overwhelming battle. His spirit is strong, but the body is weak. He is a believer and knows that God’s will is being done. It is just so hard to understand all of this now. Please lift him up before God with urgency. Your loving prayer bore a lot of fruit last time. Give our love to Willie and the rest of the family.

    Barbara Johnson

  5. Karla I. Souve' says:

    Thanksgiving Greeting:

    Dear Pastor Greg,

    I hear what you are saying about the oven of adversity. And I have the hope of being a well perfected Mama Stella Biscuit.

    I listened to your message today. Perhaps that’s what you were saying about how heaven is a prepared place for prepared people.

    Thank you,

    Many blessings to you and your Family.

    The Souve’ Family

  6. Rosario says:

    Pastor Greg,

    I believe that what you are doing in Los Angeles is a wonderful thing. I hope that the people you speak to have their hearts open to your voice and through you hear His message and love. Many of us are hurting in many ways and at times we become stubborn and turn our back on the very thing we need. All because we feel we can handle it on our own.

    I am grateful that you post daily on your blog. Many times again and again I have felt His word through your voice and I am deeply touched. I wonder why I did not commit sooner. Things could have been much easier than me trying to fight Him away. But, I am here, like a sponge and willing to learn and grow.

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