Pray for Chuck Smith

Last night, Pastor Chuck Smith was taken to the hospital and had what was described by his doctor as a “mini-stroke.” His doctor expects him to make a full recovery.

Let’s remember this beloved man of God in prayer, that the Lord would touch, bless, and heal him.

82 thoughts on “Pray for Chuck Smith”

  1. Cadice says:

    To Chuck Smith & family. I am sorru to hear that he is ill. I do know that has touched alot of live, and will always keep reaching out to us in some form or another God Bless and my prayers are wwwith you all.

  2. Paula says:

    I join everyone in praying for Jesus to heal our precious Pastor Chuck Smith. He helped me along in my walk with God so much.
    I love him as though he were my own earthly Dad. I know that many of you feel that way too.

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