God Works the Night Shift

It’s 3:00 A.M., the house is quiet, your family members are asleep, it is warm, it is dark, and you should be asleep . . . but your mind is racing, your heart is pounding, and worries overwhelm you.

You might be thinking about the pressing needs of a tomorrow that will find you unprepared, or it may be an area of concern—financial, relational, or employment. You may even find yourself continually in a place where you are out of hope and out of peace. A place that points to a spiritual separation from God that leaves you vulnerable and open to attacks of anxiety and the enemy.

There is something about this part of the night that seems to magnify all of these problems, and I am not sure exactly why that is. Maybe that is why the psalmist said “He guards us from the flaming arrows at night.”

Pray, and let God worry

I am convinced that we need God’s help, not only when we are alert and awake but even when we are sleeping. I think that it’s a great thing to end the day in prayer, as you get ready to go to sleep. I know that I do. It has been said that God works the nightshift, and it is so true.

But the best place to start is back at the beginning of each new day. Start your day in prayer, committing your decisions, your challenges, whatever you are going to face that day to the Lord. And then, as I suggested, end your day with prayer too. In each instance, our prayer should be, “Lord, here it is. I commit it to You.”

It reminds me of a quote from Martin Luther, “Pray and let God worry.” I like that. Not that God worries, but the idea is that you should pray about it, rather than worry about it.

Is something troubling you right now?

Let me ask you right now, is there something troubling you? Is there something eating at you? Bothering you? Irritating you? Causing you to be afraid?

Pray about it, right now. Just say, “Lord, I can’t handle it.” Philippians says, “Don’t worry about anything, but pray about everything. And the peace of God that passes all human understanding will keep your heart and mind in Christ Jesus.”

So don’t worry. Pray. You will sleep, and live, much better.

18 thoughts on “God Works the Night Shift”

  1. Imelda says:

    Thank you for remaining strong through the hard trials of life. It works as an inspiration to those of us. May the Lord continue to strengthen you and guide you as you lead the weak for his kingdom. May all the glory be to our God.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Praise be to the Lord! It is incredible how sometimes I feel so alone with my troubles and anxiety. I absolutely need to remember to present my troubles to Him. Thank you Greg for reminding us of this very important and comforting fact.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wow! Exactly what I needed to hear today. I was up most of night, worrying and stressing over everything from bills to kids. I truly believe God sent me this message through you. Thank you so much! God bless you, your family and your ministry.

  4. barbara says:

    Wow. What a vessel you are. I needed that. I have been up since 3:12. This is an on going thing for me. Could be prov. 31:15, but it also is worry about quite a bit. Its funny how you know the truth but you don’t always apply it. God bless you and yours. Thank you.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I pray and pray but sometimes cannot resist the urge to take my problem back and worry over it. I have been experiencing some medical uncertainty and it nags me constantly. I am doing my best to leave it in God’s hands, but it still worries me constantly.

  6. Shana says:

    I reflect on many sleepless nights and how the Lord has comforted me. I realized after reading Psalm 77 that I was not trusting God and I was forgetting how He was & is always with me. In reading this Psalm I recognized that when I focus on my troubles I could not be comforted, but when I focus on how God has rescued me in the past I remember God’s faithfulness. He wasnt just faithful then He is always faithful! Thank you for reminding me of Jesus love for us. What a gift, we hand over our worry, He gives us peace!

  7. Joseph says:

    Pastor Greg,
    I thank God, once again for you, and the capacity He has used you to serve others.
    For the past couple of weeks I have had all the above weighing heavily on my mind. I need to hear this message. Thank you.

  8. Joseph says:

    Pastor Greg,
    Through you, God has shown me what I needed to hear and see for the past couple of weeks, on this subject. I listen to your program on KNKT Albq. 10 years ago while driving to work, I was listening to on of your sermons on the radio that just brought me to my knees and I literally had to pull over because I just broke down and cried. May 2, 2001 is the day that I gave myself over to the Lord. Thank you for your service to others.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I needed that. My family is going through a tough time right now, and this is a wonderful reminder that we don’t have to face it alone or make our decisions in darkness. Thank you for being God’s messenger.

  10. Mommy Melback says:

    Thank you for this message. I was born worrying (I thank my silly dad for that). So I love this and hear it all the time “Kathye,don’t worry just pray about it”. So I do not get tired of hearing it.

    I did an alter call at Big Calvary when you had Monday nights there wow 18’ish years ago. Thank you for all your service. God really uses you in an amazing way.

  11. Anonymous says:

    It’s funny that i came across this at around 3AM. I believe God wanted me to read at this exact moment. I want to thank you Jesus and Pastor Greg for sharing your words of encouragement and prayer. God Bless!

  12. Dee Galvin says:

    Thank you Pastor, for such encouraging words, I am one of those who wakes up in the middle of the nite, I know that I need to focus more on the Lord, and not worry.

  13. confidential says:

    Thank you so much for the strong message of encouragement today. Your message this evening brings back so many dark memories and challenges our family has been experiencing these past several years. Our family is new to the Harvest community; we have been attending services these past (3) months. Encouragement has been in our daily lives since July, 2007 after losing our parents to a tragic accident and as I read your message this evening, I so recall those 3:00 am dark nights of anxiety and despair, afraid to go to sleep and how I disliked the evening time, wishing for the night to end quickly.

    My spiritual beliefs back then were not strong, but my wonderful husband of 30 years never gave up on me and with his daily encouragement of praying each night before we went to bed truly helped us through the biggest challenge of our lives. Praying gave me peace and the strength to get focus and pull my family together and move forward with our lives. Yes, we have all shared the seat of back-sliding and than picking ourselves back up and moving forward again.

    Thank you Pastor Laurie for giving our family encouragement, peace and helping us strengthen our faith each Sunday morning at 9:45AM and we are so excited to share with everyone that our precious granddaughter will be attending her first day at school at Harvest Christian School this September!

  14. Anonymous says:

    thank you

  15. Doug says:

    These words are so wonderful. It gives me strength to know that God is there and working..always. Even in the midst of one of the toughest trials I have ever faced, I sleep comforted by the fact that God is there…he is always there. Amen!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Just what I need to hear. Your words (or should I say His word) are so comforting! Thank you for your faithfulness to the Lord!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Just what I needed to hear. Your words (or should I say His words) are a comfort to many! Thank you for your faithfulness to the Lord!

  18. Gabriel says:

    I really feel better after reading that, I seem to handle stress well, but this said it all. And sometimes its allot to handle.Thank you for expressing this is such easy words. Its exactly how I feel , God Bless you

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