American Idols?

American Idol is back with a new panelist and an endless list of hopefuls, wanting to be America’s next pop star. Each one competes before the judges, who will decide the winner of the top prize.

I suggest the same is true for us as Christians too. We decide who our God or idol will be.

Make no mistake about it, idols are alive and well in our culture today. We may not call them Dagon, Ashtoreth, Baal, Zeus, or Thor, as people of ancient times did. They may have different names, but we still bow before them.

Everybody has a god

Paul tells us then when we believe in Jesus, we turn away from idols to serve God. The apostle John wrote, “Little children, keep yourselves from idols” (1 John 5:21).

So, what exactly would an idol be today? An idol is anything or anyone that takes the place of God in our lives.

And know this: everybody has a God. Even atheists have a god. It is not the true God, but nonetheless they have a god that they worship and serve.

Believe it or not, idolatry comes naturally to us all. Why? Because we must worship,and we will worship.

Even as nature abhors a vacuum, so does the human soul.  The human soul will find an object of worship, either on the shelf, on the altar, in the mirror, or in heaven.

Why? Because we are born idolators.

Why would we trade the living God for some fake one? Because it gives us control!

Albert Mohler, in his book Hearing the Voice of God in the Ten Commandments, wrote this:

We can pick an idol up and we can put an idol down. We can move an idol to this place, and then we can remove it to another place. The idol is at our disposal. We can hide it from our sight, or we can put it in the center of the room. We will devise our own worship because we have devised our own God.

To that, I might add to that we feel we can then live our own way.

So, my question to you is, who or what is your God?

What gets you excited? What gets you out of bed in the morning? What do you think about, dream about, plan for, or perhaps scheme for.

What are you really passionate about? Because that is your God.

I hope your answer is the Lord God and not a false one. Because the Lord can save you, but false gods can’t.

4 thoughts on “American Idols?”

  1. Brett says:

    I agree with what Greg has to say on the matter of idols and appreciate the comments from Annonymous. It’s really interesting to note that before coming to Christ I was constantly wondering how I would make it through the month financially. And while I still struggle, I no longer worry. My money matters I have placed in the hands of God and I not only find that each and every month I am able to make it through, but I have enough to contribute my tithe to the work of God. That’s not to say I haven’t had to make some tough decisions about areas of my life that I’ve had to let go of, but they’ve been easier to make when your energy and focus is given over to glorifying God. More recently my wife and I have had to make the very difficult decision of letting our connection to the internet go because we cannot maintain that expense – but again we’ve found other ways to connect with those people we regularly had connected with via email and other online means.
    Managing money is still not easy, but we no longer stress and worry over it. Luke 12:22 – 34

  2. Anonymous says:

    So true! We get so caught up and distracted by the many things in this world so that they become somewhat of our idols. When I read your blog, I thought, “how much time do i spend watching American Idol or on Facebook vs. how much time do I spend meditating on the word of God?”

    Wow, that quickly causes a reality check! We definitely need to get our priorities in order and put God in first place so that we “set no other idols before Him!”

    Thanks Pastor Laurie for your always inspiring words!

  3. Marie says:

    “Choose wisely!” :0) (giant hugs u guys)

  4. Anonymous says:

    I am learning lot from your “world view” series and your blog on who we worship. God or idols. I know what occupies a lot of my time — money. and how I try and justify purchasing a lottery ticket “this can solve so many problems”. – I know this is not true. It’s my choices in spending where my downfall is. Where I live, 10 years ago there were no casinos now there are at least 3 major ones in a 10 mile radius. When I drive by these places the parking lots seem to always be full, if breaks my heart knowing these people are like me chasing the all might dollar. It’s been said money is a good servant but a horrible master. Having a world view with the Bible as the foundation is great way for me to focus on Jesus Christ and put my finances in the proper perspective. Thank you for the world view series and look forward and listening to the remain messages on-line. God Bless you and
    the Harvest team.

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