Ask Me and Randy Alcorn A Question!

This Sunday, I’ll be interviewing Randy Alcorn about big life issues. It will be, as I like to call it, a “conversational Bible study.”

During each service, we will answer questions from the audience, and I invite you to send your questions about suffering or the afterlife. Here’s how you can submit your question:

  • Send a text message to 951-215-6115
  • Send a public tweet to @greglaurie
  • Send an e-mail to

We won’t be able to answer every question, but we will get to as many as we can.

3 thoughts on “Ask Me and Randy Alcorn A Question!”

  1. kasey says:

    Sheilah I am trying to send this message to Greg Laurie. Tried many ways to do with no success. Maybe you can pass it on for me. Thank you if can.

    I am not even sure if this message will get to you. Trying to conncect to different sites is not as easy as I thought. Actually it is sooooooo very frustrating. I listen to you everyday along with a few others. For many years I thought you lived in Rochester NY. And when I did my research, I realized you were not close by at all. I listen to you on my way to work everyday and I drive slow because I don’t want to miss a word you say. It is hard to trust people when they speak of God, and I just want you to know that when I pray many of my answers have come through you.I know this, because I am not that that open to all people and I totally in God for those I can trust. Our hearts speak loud and strong when we listen to God and I truely belive he leads to those such as yourself. I want you to know you have helped me more than you know. I thank God for you first and then I thank you for allowing God to let you be you.

  2. Alexandra says:

    When I first accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior, I went forward for the alter call, prayed the sinner’s prayer. During that time I guess “I didn’t feel” saved and everytime there was a call to accept Jesus I went forward…so many times I don’t even remember “which time” I was saved, I go by my water batism date which was Sept. 30, 2007. My question is this – do I need to go forward again and remember the date or am I saved? I know this sounds foolish and I feel sure I am saved, because Jesus promised
    but sometimes it’s seems hard to understand that it could be “that simple” especially how “filthy” I was (and still am). I know that I want to please God with all my heart
    and I know I am still “learning” that God is not like my human father that I was never able to please – because he wanted me to be perfect – and no matter what I did to try to get him to accept me and love me – he never did or acted like it…But I know God loves me – this is the love I always wanted and searched for – and never found until I came to Jesus. So I am at the point where I am finally “trusting God and letting Him love me, the way I always wanted to be loved. But it’s a learning process and sometimes I want to rush ahead and learn faster than I can. Your messages have given me a lot of encouragement and hope…Thank you and God Bless you, Greg and all of the Harvest staff.

  3. Sheilah says:

    I thank you for todays’ message. You and Randy helped to bring clarity to many things I thought I understood, especially about heaven on earth and our earthly responsibility for all creatures created by God which include animals. I know that people are first on that list, but I did not even consider animals to be the second most important creation. It makes sense and I am deeply grateful for your input and insights.

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