More Absolute Truth This Sunday at Harvest!

We are in the midst of our new series Worldview: Learning to Think and Live Biblically on Sundays at Harvest and Thursdays at our Orange County Bible study.

We all have worldviews. The question is, do we have a biblical one?

The true believer looks to the Scripture to know right from wrong, good from evil, etc. And I can think of no better place to start than with the Ten Commandments.

We have already looked at the first six commandments in my messages, “Absolute Truth” and “Hot Button Issues.”

Now, we come to the final four commandments, which deal with sins that are very prevalent in our culture today: adultery, stealing, lying, and coveting. I would venture to guess that many do not even know what it means to covet.

We will find out this Sunday at Harvest. But be forewarned–these commandments are broken more often then we may think! Even by Christians.

Randy Alcorn

It was great having Randy Alcorn with us at Harvest this last Sunday and on Thursday. What insights the Lord has given to Randy into the topics of the whys of suffering and the whats of heaven.

I had time to hang with Randy and his wife, and they are such wonderful, godly people.

If you want to see our interview, click here.

BTW, we are editing this extended conversation that Randy and I had because, as it turned out, our discussion changed a bit at every service. As a result, we would deal with some issues at one service that we did not deal with in the others.

I don’t want you to miss any of this, so we will put it all together for your viewing soon! recognized by design site

Our Web site,, was recently recognized by a top design site on a list of the most well-designed sites for non-profit organizations. We are honored and give God the glory!

My son Christopher was very involved in the initial design and he worked on it right up until the day he went to heaven, so he shares in this honor. I know he is praising and serving the Lord right now, and perhaps working on some amazing designs! I do miss him so.

If you’d like to see the list and check out some others that were recognized, click here.

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2 thoughts on “More Absolute Truth This Sunday at Harvest!”

  1. chris Hubbard says:

    my bad i apologize for sounding upset earlier i definaltly was not angry at all, just surprised, and obviously quite presumpsuous.that said i truely was touched by your book, my x-mas gift/nudge+hint from my parents who actually know people from that time, they where young highschool youthgroup leaders from glendale area i think. love the stories of whole HS football teams coming to christ. sounded live such a spirit filled time to be on the front lines freeing people… so thankful for you guys and the parents you chose to be to us, “healing the wounds that have lasted generations”(john waller)

    No problemo!
    Enjoy the interview.
    BTW,ALL of my messages are viewable and downloadable for FREE!

  2. chris Hubbard says:

    pretty bummed to finally, after scouring the harvest site and finding the audio of randy s sermon that you guys have been getting me psyched to hear and learn, its 6 bucks and on a cd! should someone really have to pay money and wait for the cd in the mail to have God speak to them? totally my opinion w/ no real neg feelings, and i love you/ur book/your example of what a man of god really looks like, thanks for your service!

    Greg Responds-
    Relax a bit!
    All of our messages are FREE!
    You can watch Randy by going to the banner on the homepage and clicking it.
    Plus all messages from the past are free as well.
    That is not true of all ministries,but is of ours.
    We only charge for getting it on CD.

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