My Son Jonathan is 24 Years Old Today!

A proud dad and his son in New York City, 2009.

That’s right. Jonathan Allen Laurie was born 24 years ago. My wife Cathe and I are so proud of him and we thank God for the kind, gentle, and loving young man he has grown up to be.

As you know, since his brother’s early departure to heaven, Jonathan has gone through one of the hardest crises a person can face on this earth. He was very close to Christopher, and I know his brother is proud of him today, because my oldest son is very much alive–not on earth, but in heaven.

Jonathan has dramatically deepened his commitment to Christ and is serving the Lord. He has always been soft-spoken, for the most part, but he has bravely taken his story and shared it, challenging thousands of people to trust God, no matter what comes your way in life.

So today, we celebrate his birth, his life, and his future.

You can leave a birthday greeting for him, if you would like, right here.

63 thoughts on “My Son Jonathan is 24 Years Old Today!”

  1. Mary V.G. says:

    Happy Birthday, Johnathan!!!
    Although my e-mail is a belated greeting, one can be certain your birthday was a most memorable one.
    The only contact I have ever had of your person, was when your dear mother Cathe, permitted my person to hold you; while at just a number of weeks old. My sincere comment was something of: “my [he] is so cute, and of you being very heavy”. You were quite bald on that day, of course!!!
    Well, you certainly are being given good gifts, and many variations of the Lords blessings. It is wonderful to be aware, as to these are ongoing gift(s), and not temporary one(s)!!!

    Sincerely, Mary V.G.

  2. JoAn says:

    Happy Birthday, Jonathan!

    May our Lord bless you with many good and perfect gifts from above!

  3. jz says:

    It’s exciting and inspiring to watch God work in Jonathan’s life. Nothing like giving yourself completely over to Jesus and watching God fill you with His power.

    Happy Birthday, Jonathan. I’m grateful to your Dad, as well, for the impact God has had on my existence, through your Dad. Blessings to all of you…ladies included! See you in the air!


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