Attention, Women! Men Don’t Like to Share Their Food!

Girls! I have to let you know something about most of us guys . . .

We don’t like to share our food!

Oh, we may smile and allow your fork to come our direction and grab a bite of something off our our plate. But just know this, we really would rather you did not.

In this regard, we are not unlike dogs with freshly poured food in their bowls. Don’t interfere with an eating dog or, for that matter, an eating man either.

Girls like to split things

When you go to a restaurant with men and women, each will view the menu in their own way.

For me, personally,I generally know what I want within two minutes. For my wife, picking a meal is an an ordeal, and she will deliberate over it for some time.

Ironically, this even happens even at restaurants we have been to many times, that have small menus.

Her solution is to ask if I want to split something.

Guys usually don’t like to split a food order, unless we are trying to save some money. So I usually say, “No, thanks,” before she’s even finished the sentence.

If there is another girl present, they will split this and that and have themselves a royal little feast, while I and any other guys present will hover over our order and eat it as quickly as we can.

Don’t Covet

That brings me to why I brought all this up in the first place. The tenth and final commandment deals with the topic of coveting.

You shall not covet your neighbor’s house. You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, or his manservant or maidservant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor. (Exodus 20:17)

This may seem irrelevant to us today, as you probably cannot recall the last time you coveted your neighbor’s donkey or ox. But the gist of the commandment is the phrase, “Or anything that belongs to your neighbor.”

“Panting for something”

Coveting isnt simply desiring something we don’t have. To covet is to be devoured by desire for something that is not tours.

The New Testament translates the Hebrew word for coveting with the Greek word translated as lust. It means “to eagerly desire that which belongs to another, to set the heart on something.”

The literal translation would be “to pant after something.” So, just like a dog pants for his food, we lust after things that are not ours to take.

We usually want what we can’t have. If you don’t believe me, just ask Adam and Eve.

More on this topic tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Attention, Women! Men Don’t Like to Share Their Food!”

  1. Frank says:

    I can really relate to the not wanting to share my food. And far as splitting, guys never split a doughnuts and leave the other half in the box, and the funny thing is that we will only eat that half if we are really, really hungry. Like it’s a spoiled doughnut because it was split.

  2. Missy says:

    Growing up with money tight, being the youngest girl of five,I tend to “guard” my food. I once asked why we hold hands for prayer and my mother said “to keep your brother from eating before everyone else.”

  3. karen says:

    You described my husband exactly! I have often likened him to a dog when eating and protecting his meal at the same time. If he does agree to give me a taste of something, he looks as if it is an unforgivable intrusion. However, if I am eating something that he wants, he comes along with puppy dog eyes and almost drooling until you feel sorry enough or guilty enough to offer him a bite. And you never have to offer it twice for him to accept. Very funny.

  4. joni Bradley says:

    So funny! My younger sister does that and now my daughter does that to her husband, he never complains! I don’t ask my sweetie to share because he orders the most outlandish thing on the menu! I’m a creature of habit! We women were taught to share at such a young age! That sounds biblical to me!

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