Join Me This Sunday As We Walk in Christ’s Steps in Jerusalem

We have prepared a very special program from here in Israel, where I am leading a tour. We brought a very talented film crew with us to try and capture the sounds and sights of Israel for you.

Recently, we went to the city of Jerusalem very early in the morning, before most of the city’s people were up, and I did a message on the seven statements of Jesus from the cross. We showed it to the 300 people who have joined us, and it was very well-received. I think you will really like it.

We will show it this coming Sunday morning at Harvest Christian Fellowship during all three services. It will also be webcast live at for you to view. We will then show it at our Thursday night Bible study in Orange County.

So, invite a friend to join you as we follow Jesus in His steps to the cross and the resurrection.

5 thoughts on “Join Me This Sunday As We Walk in Christ’s Steps in Jerusalem”

  1. Tom Pugh says:

    Greg, I’m not a regular listener but just had to share this with you. I was listening to today’s radio broadcast at 1PM about the “Enter In” CD, and you were talking about Colassions 3:1. Earlier today I was drawn to Col 3:1 as I’m familiar with this verse, and was impressed to actually do that “think about heavenly things.” I proceeded to write down things that I knew were in heaven and decided to read Rev. 1 to get started. It was a great devotion time. Hearing your broadcast was a pretty strong God nod to keep going with this theme, and so I’ll be ordering the CD to help me “think about heaven.” Thanks for your ministry.

    Madison WI
    listening on WNWC 1190

  2. Gene says:

    Great evangelical message! Its sad that people shine these events on. Someday they will be very disappointed when the Lord says to them, ” Depart from me, I never knew you”

  3. Gretchen Weaver says:

    Really looking forward to this Pastor Greg. My husband and I have never been to Israel. We hope to go someday, when God wills. So thank you so much for sharing this unique video and messages with us and allowing us to see where Jesus walked and preached. I have been a longtime listener of yours, and went forward and received Jesus as my savior a long time ago when you preached a small crusade in Visalia , Ca. I think the year was 1982! I then became an avid listener to yout radio broadcast first in Bakersfield and then on 1130 am KRDU, today.A year ago God gave us a marriage miracle and reconciliation and we are praising Him! We were IN divorce court, when God made it very clear to us that He had much different plans for us! We have quite a testimony to share along with some tragic trials God brought us through, and we would not change a thing God has done in our lives the past 5 tumultuous years. He truly does care so much for us, and wants to change us and help us grow more everyday to be like Him. Your email devotion today was awesome, left me in tears. I shared with all 204 of my Facebook friends. I know they all will be encouraged, all saved and non saved alike! God Bless you Pastor, and your lovely wife Kathy, it was great lisening to both of you this past week talk about mariage on your radio program. My husband listened with me in the car while we were running errands! I loved the “THINK” acronym that Kathy shared…going to use it!Bless your sweet family too..your granddaughter is precious, and congratulations on your younger son’s marriage. We thank Jesus for all of you! Blessings, Gretchen and Marty Weaver

  4. Marie says:

    I’m wondering if you dressed for the part, like Christ teaching! :0) Giant hugs from U.S.!

  5. Anita Romero says:

    Wonderful News

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